Hello Alexandriah

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Slaying the Dragon Freedom Series which I did recently on a Health Care Consultant.

I had witnessed the behavior of this doctor a number of times when she had swept into a hospital ward to check on patients after surgery.  This woman was abrupt to the point of rudeness and so it was with a sinking heart that I learned that my own lovely consultant was retiring and she was to replace him.

And she did not disappoint...at my first appointment with her she sat unsmiling not giving me much eye contact, abruptly barking out questions and then appearing to not like the answers I was giving her.  When asking about concerns I had she looked confused by this and dismissed them by saying that “they were not part of my job as an ENT consultant.”   My sister, who was in with me at the time, asked a question about something she had noticed I was having a problem with in my everyday activities due to my medical condition and was also given a short unsympathetic response as though it was of little importance.  Her total attitude was one of impatience as though she wanted us out of there as soon as possible.

A few days ago I was back for another appointment and the change was amazing.  She was smiling at me, looking directly at me and actively engaging with me in a positive way.   Her whole energy felt completely different.  She complimented me on how well I looked and how 'I must be doing everything right' and to my surprise as I was leaving told me how good it had been to see me!

Of course my sister was quite amazed by the positive change in her attitude.  I, however knew that it all came down to you Alexandriah and the Slaying The Dragon Freedom Series, which neutralizes the snarling dragon inside difficult people and allows us and them to interact more peacefully.

Many thanks Alexandriah.

Margo Symon.  Scotland