Monthly Star Team Program Testimonial from Margo Symon

Alexandriah... just wanted to thank you for your latest help with dental and jaw pain problems recently where you removed dental matrixes and linked me up to the Dental Health Star Team to protect my teeth and gums.  The pain and discomfort have now gone and I am now able to get some sleep!

Also I have to say that I am consistently amazed and reassured by the help given to us by you Alexandriah and the Star Team Masters. I joined your Star Team Program in 2012 and it was one of the most positive and beneficial life changing things I have ever done for myself and members of my family.  I think that this dream I had absolutely encapsulates what being in the Star Teams and working with the Star Team Masters means to me.  In the dream I am hanging onto a cliff edge by my fingers.  I can feel the wind rushing around me and I am aware that there is nothing below me to stop me falling into the abyss. I am just about to fall when I look up to see and feel a strong pair of arms pull me up.  As I am being pulled up I see in my mind's eye a picture where there are many, many other beings lined up behind who are just waiting and would not hesitate to also lift me up.  This is what you, Alexandriah, Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar, and the Ashtar Solar Star Command, do they lift us up to help us carry on with the work that we have chosen to come here to do ... the goal to return  this world, Planet Earth to the Christ Vibration.

Margo Symon - Scotland