Monthly Star Team Program Testimonial from A.B.

I have been working with Alexandriah Stahr and her “Church without Walls” for approximately three years.  Without a doubt, this has been THE BEST decision I could have made for myself and my family.  

What makes Alexandriah Stahr different from anyone else?  It’s simple, results and solutions.  True change both inwardly and outwardly.  

During my spiritual journey, I became frustrated that I could NOT find anyone (healers, preachers, New Age, organized Religion) with any tangible solutions to my issues. For example, I am a natural empath.  I can literally “feel” energy when it’s stuck on myself, other people, or inanimate objects.  No one could give me any sort of prayer/intent to effectively remove old/stagnant energy and replace it with new energy.  

Another  example is my 9 year old daughter was having intense pain in her kidney area for weeks.  The doctors couldn’t figure out the cause, they were discussing removing her appendix surgically but intuitively I knew it was a energetic issue not a physical one.  I was able to reach Alexandriah Stahr (even though she was on vacation) and we were able to fix the energy imbalance causing so much physical pain and was able to avoid unnecessary surgery.

The spiritual technologies and tools Alexandriah Stahr offer through her ministry WORK. It’s not about someone telling you what you want to hear.  It’s about getting RESULTS.  

Plus, working with Alexandriah and the Monthly Star Team is very easy. It is ONE Program with an unlimited amount of solutions. We talk once a month but the Star Team Masters work on me and my family 24/7.  She continuously is in contact through emails with updated technologies AND she’s always available in case of an emergency.

I, along with my family, including our pets, are all members of the Monthly Star Team and it supports me and my family in every aspect of our lives. I also use the spiritual prayers and technologies she provides to keep me and my family clear and balanced on a day to day basis.  It’s more than worth the money and the time I put in is minimal compared to other programs.  Her Monthly Star Team Program aids in your physical, mental and emotional health, your finances and in raising your spiritual consciousness and developing your intuition unlike anything else. In addition to providing solutions to a wide variety of issues,  Alexandriah's Monthly Star Team Program is almost effortless day to day. I have found both solutions to issues and answers to my spiritual questions all in one place. Schedule a First Time Caller Consultation, you wont be disappointed.

For more on my journey being part of the Monthly Star Team Program and my progression over time, please visit my blog

Ashley B.

Fort Worth, Texas