05.11.2016 Parental Karma Release

The day after my previous session in April with Alexandriah Stahr, I dreamt of my mother when I was younger, and I saw hatred in her eyes when she looked at me.  I woke up because that dream made me cry.  It  was very tough to grow up in that environment, but  I am thinking, what a relief to the system to release that! I called on Mother Mary for comfort, the Mother of all mothers, and despite the sadness I felt, I have realized that my mother is probably not capable of love.  As Alexandriah has taught me, this is just a validation of the MATRIX lie, that you choose your parents.  This is absolutely not true! Who would in their right mind choose to be abused.  The truth is that your parents are assigned to you, as guards in the MATRIX system, so you will be conditioned to the enslavement of the unChristed MATRIX system.  As I have learned from Alexandriah, it is wise to clear karma between you and your relatives after each interaction with them, even after talking on the phone.  I am so happy that I was feeling neutral to my mother when I last saw her. No sore feelings, no nothing.    That was great!

Heidi - Norway