Monthly Star Team Program Testimonial from J.D.

"Being a member of the Monthly Star Team over the past 4 years has been a big part of where I am today. When I first started out as a member of the Monthly Star Team, my life had been heading in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted to go. This had been happening for a very long time. However, through working with Alexandriah as a member of the Monthly Star Team for an extended period of time, I've been able to chart a new course in my life.

Of course, charting this new direction in my life hasn't been easy. A big ship doesn't just do a 180-degree turn on a dime--there's a lot of force and momentum that has to be redirected slowly and with care. However, Alexandriah has been great at guiding me along the way through our phone sessions with the insight that she has. She has a lot of wisdom and knowledge--but whatever answers she doesn't already know, she's able to dig deeper to find the answer through her own internal guidance.

I've learned a lot in my time as a member of the Monthly Star Team--in fact, I've learned something new pretty much every phone session that I've had with her. For example, I've learned that the world works differently than what I had known or been taught my whole life. Once I realized this, Alexandriah began to teach me through our phone sessions that there are other more effective ways to make good things happen and to bring about the changes that you want in your life.

I have to say that being a member of the Monthly Star Team has been life-altering, in a very good way. I now see my life and the direction that I'm headed very differently--in a very good way that I never would have previously imagined."


Austin, TX