The Living Light of EELA gives elderly patients the Life Force they need to live or  even give them the energy they need to move on, when their body is dying.  I had a positive experience with using EELA as a replacement energy in an Alzheimer patient, 86 years old, that was acting very aggressively towards his caretakers at the nursing home where he lives.  He was kicking, trying to twist their arms, being generally agitated and angry.  Even threatened me, and other nurses, to kill us off.   He was channeling some pretty nasty energies, and he was more active at night than during the day.

First I cleared him of the evil energies he was taking in, then I set him up with EELA, the Christed Life Force Energy, ongoing and continuous for a week.  He was calmer during this time at night, not as aggressive and not acting out like he was before the clearing and replacement energies with EELA.

I set him up for another week with EELA after that, and now he was even calmer than before, and did not wake up as often during the night shift.  He was more manageable as a patient, because aggressive patients tend to cause disturbance and fear to the other patients as well.  By now he was more pacified, so I set him up for 30 days, just in case, and to keep the peace.  I see that it is so much better for both the patient and the other people around him, when he is channeling positive Life Force Energy instead of the anger energies he was taking in and acting out on.  He was like an antenna that would pick up anything that passed by.  Better to tune him into something positive and peaceful.

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Heidi - Norway