7.3.17 Dealing with unwanted clairvoyant Visions on Vacation

AB – Fort Worth, Texas

I have recently come back from what you call a “working vacation” which is when you go out of town to relax and take a break from the daily grind but end up being super productive and working the whole time.

However, it wasn’t a job here on the 3rd dimensional plane.  I was doing higher dimensional clearings for the various levels of the astral planes, dimensions, cities, and negative alien groups with Alexandriah’s Stahr’s guidance and my 10 year old daughter’s assistance.  Here’s our story.  

My nephew E (part of the wonderful influx of Christed Babies entering our reality) was turning 1 and they live in Miami.  My family and I decided to spend a few days in Key West, Florida and then drive up and see my sister, my nephew and be there to celebrate at his 1 year old birthday party.

Key West, Florida is considered the fourth most haunted city in the U.S. behind New Orleans, Boston, and Savannah.  Historically, it was known for shipwrecks that washed up on shore that allowed a huge industry of salvaging these wrecks.  It’s vicinity is close to the Bermuda Triangle and sunken Atlantis which definitely has been affecting this city for a long time.

My ten year old (Christed Soul and part of the Star Team) has recently had her gift of clairvoyance turned up to a very high level.  Over the past two months, we’ve been getting lessons with Alexandriah Stahr so she understands what she’s seeing and how to control it.  Sometimes, it’s very scary because she will see negative alien groups (usually representing a MATRIX that needs to be cleared) or other astral plane stuff like ghosts.  That also means she can see the angels actually clearing this stuff away with the prayers and other spiritual technologies we’ve learned from Alexandriah Stahr, which is amazing.  

The point of these lessons has been to empower her where she’s not scared of what she sees but can actually clear these issues.  Sometimes, it’s scary and comes at her when she’s not expecting it.  Most of the things are very creepy and obviously dark. It’s a lot for a kid her age to handle.  However, she’s been making a lot of progress and learning how to control her clairvoyance versus it controlling her.

We got to Key West and things went bonkers!  Thank goodness Alexandriah Stahr was able to work with us almost every night of our vacation because my daughter was terrified.  Key West was FULL of negative alien energies (mostly draconian) and tons of ghosts.

Here are a few examples of what seemed like an endless barrage of incidences:

Story 1: We went to a Shipwreck Museum.  Energetically, it was overwhelming for me but I was able to handle it with constant clearing of my space.  However my daughter was seeing pirate crews (who were a very rough looking group) and a captain of some sort in the museum’s basement.  The energy was so thick for me down there I got dizzy.  We called upon the Hashmalim Angels and my daughter watched a huge battle unfold before her eyes because these “energies” weren’t going to go willingly. It also was making her feel sick. We did what clearing we could but still chose to leave the museum early.

Story 2: We’re walking on Duvall Street after dinner and I notice my daughter turn white and grip my hand tightly.  She saw what at the time I thought were ghost prostitutes because they were women in old fashioned clothes exposing their private body parts to a group of ghost men surrounding them.  Literally, she saw them flaunting their body to the public in a very seductive manner.  I couldn’t see it but it was crystal clear to her and horrifying.  She’s only 10 and still very innocent.  In my quick thinking, I called upon Archangel Michael to shield her from these visions and it worked for the moment.  Alexandriah later described this as Archangel Michael putting his arm in front of her eyes as a mother would shield her child’s eyes from something they shouldn’t see.  Later on after discussing this with Alexandriah, we thought it may have been a slave auction she witnessed.  Key West had a lot of slaves enter the port town and they did subject the women to showing their body in the auction. Again we did what clearing Alexandriah has taught us and we were able to continue with our day.

Story 3: We were at a restaurant on historic Duvall Street and she kept staring across the street.  She saw a battalion of Orion/Draconian military aliens marching and the energy was awful.  We cleared it and she watched another angelic battle ensue. We continued to clear until it was gone.  

Story 4: In addition to the tons of scary ghosts and visions in general there was one creepy guy we saw on the street selling items.  This guy later appeared to her in a vision in front of a portal for these dark energies.  My guess is this guy was actively serving as a channel for these energies with his affiliation with the dark arts. He was bagged up and the portal closed.

As I mentioned, these were just a few of COUNTLESS scary and traumatic things my daughter was seeing in Key West.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get to Miami. It was also difficult because my husband and other daughter weren’t really aware of it.  They just saw Harper and I whisper a lot.  I gave him a brief description but he wasn’t interested in the details and I wasn’t really interested in sharing what was going on because he wouldn’t get it. Although he is supportive of my spiritual work and development with Alexandriah, He himself is comfortable in this reality only.

Solutions with Alexandriah Stahr:

Each Time we called Alexandriah Stahr, she checked and shut down related MATRIXES and explained what we had seen and what else needed to be done.

There was a MATRIX Program within my daughter that was “forcing” Harper to see into the astral plane and see astral plane stuff.  That was removed.

Alexandriah Stahr did a lot of planetary clearing work on Florida and lifted it to new level after shutting down multiple astral levels and the portals these entities travel through.  

After astral plane was removed, my daughter was still seeing things but Alexandriah figured out it was “thought forms” from the mental plane and that layer was removed as well.

There’s more positive work that was done in Florida by Alexandriah but you get the idea!  This is only a taste of the solutions and the continued work my daughter and I have in front of us but we got through this crisis with Alexandriah Stahr by our side offering REAL SOLUTIONS to the intense issues presented to us in Key West.

Both my daughter and I feel like we have had an upgrade in consciousness and are now viewing the world from an entirely different place.  It’s one thing to say a prayer of clearing and feel better after it.  When your daughter actually sees what that prayer invokes on a different plane it’s extremely powerful.  

I’m so thankful Alexandriah Stahr is in our life to help.  If anyone has ever seen the movie “Sixth Sense” it highlights the pain, confusion and sadness these children can feel seeing nasty astral plane stuff and not having anyone believe them.  It’s like being forced to see a horror movie within your head you can’t turn off.   It’s also hard because I didn’t share this with my other daughter or husband because they wouldn’t understand and their knowledge of what was going on wouldn’t have helped anything.  Instead, it would have just made my daughter feel like a freak.  

We got home yesterday and things are way better.  No nightmares,  No seeing anything involuntarily.  Her gift of sight is AMAZING when she can tune into higher Christed vibrations and it is a gift.  I’m so thankful to Alexandriah that she was able to help figure out the MATRIX

behind these visions (and removing it) and what was causing her to see such nasty things on the astral plane so that she can now learn how to deal with these issues and become a REAL Lightworker on the Earth, which is the positive side of clairvoyance.

AB – Fort Worth, TX

Comments From Alexandriah Stahr – Shutting Down the Astral Plane

Each of my clients bring different issues to me which trigger me to clear the MATRIXES these issues represent, not just on a personal level for the person I am working with but on the Master MATRIX Level which then enables these issues to be added to my Monthly Star Team Program for all of my clients within the Monthly Star Team Program to benefit from and ultimately for others within humanity. This process is not automatic. The Star Team Masters decide when and how these issues are made available on a more widespread level.

The Astral Plane is where most unChristed healers tune into and think that it is the high spiritual realms. Nothing could be further from the truth. The MATRIX is a Duality Reality within which unChristed Realities mirror the Christed Realms.  The Astral Plane corresponds to the Astral Body within your energy field and is an unChristed energy body added to your energy field by the MATRIX Controllers when we first incarnate here on the Earth. This Astral Body needs to be removed from your energy field so that you no longer go to these unChristed Realms either during your dream state or during your spiritual explorations.  

I know that "Mediumship" is currently very popular but I have always known that "ghosts" need to be re-directed to where they need to go and that "talking" to them was never part of that healing process. Yes the Astral Plane exists in most people and yes you can talk to those who claim to be your loved ones but much of this activity is the activity of "demons" from the lower dimensions of the Astral Plane masquerading as "dead people" and should not be trusted.

In addition, as I was working with AB and her daughter, I was guided to work on shutting down more levels of the Astral Plane on a much broader level. What her daughter was seeing was what needed to be shut down and by them contacting me, I was able to help AB and her daughter learn how to deal with some of this stuff AND shut down more levels of the Astral Plane that was ready to be shut down.

I share my side of the story of what else was going on simultaneously that AB and her daughter's experience showed me needed to be done on a higher level. Although my clients come to me seeking help for themselves, they are many times instrumental in helping shut down Master MATRIX issues that affect the rest of humanity as well.

It was pointed out to me, by my guides, that many mediums are actually "Necromancers" which are black magicians who call upon and work with the dead to perform their black magic.  Of course this is NOT the case with AB and her daughter but is the case with another client who represents the "Daughter of All Evil." The Daughter of All Evil is related to the Mother of All Evil within the Hierarchy of All Evil. She is another client who I have worked with for the last 9 months, in fact she showed up just before the election of "Trump" and who I now know who is also a Necromancer. Trump being a Necromancer also explains how Trump has so much power over those who support him. Necromancers use their own brand of mind control to control and manipulate others. This MATRIX has now been shut down within Trump Supporters aka "trumpettes."

The "Daughter of All Evil" presented  with major demonic issues including the many beings that reside there in the lower dimensions of the Astral Plane. As I have been working to shut down her issues, I was working to understand why AB's daughter was so suddenly seeing so much "crap" that needed to be cleared out, now after over a week of doing both personal and planetary work on the Astral Plane the dots have been connected and I was able to do what was needed. AB and her daughter are now back home and the "visions" have subsided.  Although many would think that her newly awakened clairvoyance was a good thing, 10 years old is way too young to be burdened with such sights, especially since, without my help, she could have grown up misunderstanding what was happening to her and even being falsely diagnosed as schizophrenic by psychiatrists, as many inexperienced clairvoyants are. She was "misconnected" to the astral plane which would have kept her attention there unable to raise up to the true Christed Realms she is from. I have removed this MATRIX within her and she can now raise her attentions to the true Christed Realms which corresponds to her true soul identity.

Early in my spiritual awakening, I was told by Lord Sananda that he and Archangel "shielded me" from the Astral Plane so that when we travelled, I was always aware that we were "flying by" a place off to the left that I was not meant to explore. Now 30 years later, I have been shown the wisdom of their protection and that I have been given a much broader understanding of how the Astral Plane traps the unChristed, the unwary and inexperienced spiritual seekers.  I can now perceive the Astral Plane from the Christed Perspective. Even as I have shut down this MATRIX on the Master Level, I was also guided to remove it from within all of humanity so that humanity can move beyond the Astral Plane into the true higher dimensions.  The Astral Plane is simply the unChristed Disneyland of the invisible realms. You can and have spent many lifetimes there. It is time for humanity to be FREE from this lower level phenomenon.

The additional side benefit of doing this work on Florida, is that the vibration of Florida as a whole has been raised and will change for the better in the coming months and years.  I am planning a trip to Florida in November to verify this work that has been done. Just because work has been done on the higher levels it can take many months or even years to change on the physical level but that process can now begin.

I am grateful to Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ for bringing AB and her daughter to me so that I could FREE her from the Astral Sight Limitation MATRIX she was programmed with and for the additional explanations which will be of help to others who suffer from seeing and being tormented by things they do not understand. Thank you AB for sharing your story and assisting me in doing what helps us all.

To learn more about Necromancy and what it is and what its practitioners do, I am providing the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necromancy.  I provide this link so that you might recognize the signs and symptoms as a form of protection against participating in any of these activities.

If you need help with any experiences you are having and would like more understanding and/or healing from their effects. Prepay for a 1st Time Caller Consultation and Alexandriah will tell you what she can do to help.