3 Monthly Star Team Program Testimonials

Jaime - Allston, Massachusetts

“I have been in the Monthly Star Team Program for over 6 months.  I can’t begin to tell you of all the changes that I have experienced. What I can tell you is that it feels like the Hand of God is gently supporting me and guiding me through each level of learning and growing.  Each day I wake up with a renewed sense of well-being and wonder what new “aha” experience is ahead of me. With the techniques you have taught me I finally feel like I am making progress and that any obstacles that I experience seem to melt away much easier than without the help of the Star Team Masters and the Monthly Star Team Program.”

Dana - Bend Oregon

“I have worked with you off and on doing single sessions when I could afford them. Your newest program, the Monthly Star Team Program is giving me what I have been looking for, an easy and affordable way to consistently clear out my karmic blockages and issues.”

Iris - Puerto Rico

“I have had my elderly mother in the Monthly Star Team Program for over 1 year. The change in her has been quite dramatic. She used to be almost catatonic. Now she is much more animated and there seems to be clarity when I look in her eyes that was not there before. Our relationship has improved and we are able to spend quality time together. You have helped make our remaining time together so much more special. Thank You, Alexandriah for your work.”