Request Specialized Spiritual Readings and Consultations by phone with Alexandriah Stahr.

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Specialized Spiritual Readings and Consultations with Alexandriah Stahr

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is a Clairvoyant, Telepathic Healer, Conscious Channel, Personal Mentor, Spiritual Life Coach & Spiritual Development Teacher. She works with Christed and Redeemed Souls on the independent spiritual path who are dedicated to Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing within themselves and learning who they truly are. The Purpose of this work is Freedom From the MATRIX before 2045 for Alexandriah’s clients and Complete Freedom From the MATRIX For All Humanity by 2045.

The side effect of Quantum MATRIX Healing Monthly Star Team Program is more freedom and control over your life on all levels of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It also activates and integrates your natural intuitive and healing abilities. As such, Alexandriah Stahr has a wide range of personal spiritual gifts which she offers to those who seek her help.  Although Alexandriah’s main focus is on the Quantum MATRIX Healing Monthly Star Team Program, she offers a variety of readings, consultations, healings and activations that are stand-alone sessions and can be requested independently.

Alexandriah understands and heals the energetic cause behind all life issues and experiences for yourself and your family members, children, infants, pre-birth souls and pets. All Readings are pre-paid and done by phone. Alexandriah will tell you what she needs from you when you schedule the phone session.

If you need healing help for yourself and your own spiritual growth then what you need is the Spiritual Consultations and Healing Sessions by Phone with Alexandriah. If you are sure you are in the right place then request one of the following specialized readings below and add it in the space provided, "what type of reading do you want?" when you place your order. 

Specialized Readings

Child Readings – Whatever healing work Alexandriah does on adults can also be done on children but some children have special needs because they are gifted spiritual children who are sensitive to energies themselves. If you child has night terrors or seems to not want to sleep alone or has problems sleeping through the night, they may be “seeing things” and they need help. These readings can be done with or without speaking to the child. All Alexandriah needs is to be told what the symptoms are that are causing the problem. Alexandriah will identify what the cause of the problem is and either clear it during the reading and/or advise what else needs to be done.  

Infant Readings – As of July 1, 2016 a new wave of Christed Children are being born and as the parent of one of these children, you need to understand what makes them special and what to expect from them as they grow up.

Pregnancy and Pre-birth Soul Readings  - Are for women who want help with identifying the soul name of their child so that they can prepare their child for being who they are in the world.

Pet Readings – Pet Readings are pretty self-explanatory. If your pet is having behavioral problems and you want to get to the bottom of it, request a pet reading with Alexandriah Stahr. Alexandriah will communicate with your pet and let you know what needs to be addressed.

Animal Readings – These readings can be done with animals, birds and insects and can assist you in dealing with any issues you may have with them, either good or bad. You may want to welcome wildlife onto your property or you may be having an unwelcome scorpion invasion, unwanted birds nesting on your property or unwanted wasps or bees on your property. Whatever the problem, let Alexandriah help you with the animals in your life.

Crystal Readings – Alexandriah connects with the consciousness of your crystal on both a collective and personal level so that you know what draws you to that particular crystal or that particular crystal type.

Plant Readings – Plant readings can help with problems with your plants. Alexandriah can also give you information about particular plants that may cause allergies as you may have a past life experience with a particular plant. Alexandriah has also received information about the following plants: marijuana and sugar cane which is contrary to popular belief and will change how you view them.

Relationship Readings – Karmic Relationship Readings are Alexandriah’s specialty and can give insight into difficult relationships. In order to be healed of karmic relationships, the 2 Week Fast Track is necessary but if you are not ready for that then the Relationship Reading will give you the insight you need to move forward.

Once you prepay for your Specialized Spiritual Reading Phone Session, you will receive email confirmation and instructions on how to schedule your appointment time within 24 hours.