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Spiritual Consultations and Healing Sessions by Phone with Alexandriah Stahr 480-478-3623 (12 Noon - 10pm MST)

Alexandriah Stahr offers a variety of Spiritual Consultations and Healings which includes both giving you understanding of what issues she sees and the healing needed. Alexandriah is a Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Development Teacher NOT a psychic who does “cold readings” and predicts your future.  A Spiritual Consultation and Healing with Alexandriah consists of a phone conversation where you share what is going on with you from your point of view so that she can focus and see deeply into what is clairvoyantly visible to her as well as tune into the energy of the issue you are dealing with. Based on that focus, Alexandriah can both tune in with her guides and draw on her over 30 years of experience to give you the answers and solutions you seek.  If after identifying what the issue is and what the solution will entail, Alexandriah may advise you of additional work needed and any additional donation needed to complete the process.  

Alexandriah Stahr is a master level healer and spiritual development teacher. She is a versatile channel with over 30 years’ experience in channeling Ashtar Command Spiritual Healing Technologies and Ashtar Command Ascension Information from Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command to assist in the spiritual freedom and development of Earth based Lightholders on the Ascension Path.  As such, Alexandriah's particular area of expertise is in revealing the secret/truth behind the MATRIX and helping people get FREE from its influence. She has a vast knowledge of how things really work and has always imparted this knowledge to her private clients during their healing sessions. You can now access her knowledge separately during an Ashtar Command Spiritual Consultation and Healing Phone Session.

As part of her expertise, she has always had the ability to discern Christ Vibration Healers and Teachers and giving people insight into what she refers to as "Guru Abuse."  Do you have questions about a healer or healing modality that seems to be making your life worse not better?  Ask Alexandriah, she can free you from Guru Abuse.  Do you have questions about people in your life who are causing problems?  Alexandriah can help you understand and clear Karmic Relationships with them.

Relationships are the #1 reason new clients seek out Alexandriah's help. Although Alexandriah can help you better understand about Karmic Relationships, in order to clear them, you will need to do the 2 Week Fast Track first to both clear them and learn how to clear them yourself.  Even after doing the 2 Week Fast Track, learning to deal with them is a skill that develops over time and sometimes requires Alexandriah’s experience to deal with as new Karmic Relationships  arise later.  The following list is just a sampling of issues that routinely come up during Alexandriah’s Spiritual Consultations and Healings that Alexandriah can help you with. This is by no means a complete list. Alexandriah Stahr has a wide knowledge database. If you dont see your issue listed, just ask and Alexandriah Stahr will tell you what she knows and how she can help you.

Healing Energy Issues

Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing

Remove MATRIX Programs

Clear Implants/Imprints

Clear Karmic Relationships

Clear Re-occurring Karmic Issues

Clear Generational Issues

Clear Past Life issues

Soul Clearing

Soul Retrieval

Curses and Curse Removal

Cutting Etheric Cords

Removing Attached Entities

Removing Demons and Satanic Entities

Removing Dark Force Trespassers/Possessions

Clear Over Sensitivity Issues

Resolve Spiritual Crisis Issues

Help UFO Abductees

Walk-In Assistance

Healing Abuse Issues

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome resulting from all forms of abuse and trauma

Physical Abuse Issues - recovering from physically abusive relationships

Emotional Abuse Issues - recovering from emotionally abusive relationships

Mental Abuse Issues - recovering from mentally abusive relationships

Spiritual Abuse Issues - recovering from working with dark force "spiritual healers"  

Alien Abductee Issues - recovering from Grey Abductions and Abuse Issues

Sexual Abuse and Incest Issues - recovering from being an sexual abuse/incest survivor

Relationship Abuse - recovering from any type of abusive relationship, work, personal, legal etc.

Spiritual Divorce Issues - learning to cut cords and energetic connections in past relationships

Once you prepay for your Spiritual Consultation and Healing Session by phone, you will receive email confirmation and instructions on how to schedule your appointment time within 24 hours.