Monthly Star Team Program and Why You Should Join

The FREEDOM From the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program is an energetic support program that enables those connected to it to receive 24/7 automatic, ongoing and continuous MATRIX Healing Sessions whenever they "rest" or during their nightly sleep cycle.  The MATRIX Healing - Star Team Program is a Database of MATRIX Clearings which includes all of the Implant Removals, MATRIX Clearings, Removals and Healings for all soul types that Alexandriah has identified and healed over the last 30 years. The Star Team works automatically 24/7 for those connected to it.

In the beginning, although these MATRIX Clearings were being done on the MATRIX Body, they affected all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Since 2012, many upgrades and changes have been added as Alexandriah continually works with higher levels of the Collective Christ to heal personal issues that were not able to be healed before. 

Every day the FREEDOM From the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program is updated and upgraded as it releases deeper and deeper levels of MATRIX Programming within those who are linked up to it.  Each person linked up to the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program contributes to it as they release their MATRIX Programming and benefits from it as new levels of MATRIX Programming is revealed 

As this program has grown over the years since 2012, there has been more and more focus on healing physical health issues which were not available before. The MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program has grown to dozens of Stand Alone Star Teams, which can be offered independently to clients, such as the Chemtrail Protection Programor are included for those who are in the Main MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program.  Over the years as the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program has expanded and the benefits have grown, the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Members are the first to benefit. They benefit automatically just by being members.  During their monthly phone appointments with Alexandriah, they learn about the new issues that have been revealed which helps them understand how their personal issues relate to the larger picture of the Planetary MATRIX and the Master MATRIXES it contains. In addition, they know they can ask for help in any area of their life that is "presenting" in their life. These issues include, but are not limited to, mental, emotional, spiritual issues, soul issues, past life issues, relationships, career, investments, legal, financial, health just to name a few. Alexandriah has a wide background in dealing with the energetic cause behind all life issues and gives practical advice on many topics as well. 

The following health issues can be addressed either within the Main Star Team Program or a Specialty Star Team which either already exists or can be created for you. These Star Teams broadcast the frequencies necessary either to neutralize negative frequencies as in the Chemtrail Protection Star Team or adds and supports and protects

Hormone Support, Vitamins and Mineral Support, Supplement Support, Allergy Protection, Digestive Support, Fibromyalgia Support, Healing Aches and Pains, Depression just to name a few. To learn more about the Specialty and Stand Alone Star Teams simply schedule your First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr.

Why should I join the Quantum MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program?

Everyone on the Earth is in the Planetary Freedom From the MATRIX Program directed by Lord Sananda and facilitated by the Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command. The difference between those who do personal work with Alexandriah Stahr within the FREEDOM From the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program and the rest of humanity is the speed at which they will become FREE.  Those who work with Alexandriah Stahr directly are entered personally into The MATRIX Healing Star Team Database and the Star Team Masters assist them specifically with their personal issues. Those outside of the Star-Essence Temple MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program are in the planetary program and it is being done much more slowly, as slow as those of the lowest vibrations can handle it and will take between now and 2045 to complete. Those who die off during this time will be re-evaluated for re-incarnation and/or will be redirected to alternate realities or recycled in the Judgement Fires of Mother Father Creator Source. All people will evolve over time to the level and limitation of their personal MATRIX Programming.

To learn how the MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team can help you heal your life issues and get free from the MATRIX, schedule your First Time Caller Consultation today.