First Time Caller Consultation with  Alexandriah Stahr 480-478-3623

Quantum MATRIX Healing - First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr gives you the opportunity to speak with Alexandriah Stahr and get your questions answered from the Ashtar Command point of view. The First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr are designed to satisfy your intellectual understanding of the bigger picture and help you understand how the Ashtar Command Quantum MATRIX Healing Program can help you with your personal issues and will assist you on your ongoing spiritual path. The First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr will help you put into perspective personal issues that you have and how these are all part of MATRIX Programming that can and needs to be cleared. The First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr can also assist you in answering your questions you have about the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command and what their true mission is and assist you in wading through and discerning the false about the Ashtar Command information that clutters the internet.

Alexandriah Stahr is a Master Level Energy Healer and Spiritual Development Teacher. She is a versatile channel with over 30 years’ experience in channeling Ashtar Command Spiritual Healing Technologies and Ashtar Command Freedom From the MATRIX Information from Lord Sananda, The Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command and the Collective Christ to assist in the spiritual freedom and development of Earth based Lightworkers on the Ascension Path and Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045.   As such, Alexandriah's particular area of expertise is in revealing the Secrets and Truth behind the MATRIX and helping people get FREE from its influence. She has a vast knowledge of how things really work and has always imparted this knowledge to her private clients during their healing sessions. First Time Caller Consultation is the First Step in Getting Free From the MATRIX by 2045.

As part of her expertise, Alexandriah Stahr has always had the ability to discern Christ Vibration Healers and Teachers and giving people insight into what she refers to as "Guru Abuse."  Do you have questions about a healer or healing modality that seems to be making your life worse not better?  Ask Alexandriah Stahr.  Do you have questions about people in your life who are causing problems?  Alexandriah can help you understand and clear Karmic Relationships with them. Relationships are the #1 reason new clients seek out Alexandriah Stahr’s help. Although Alexandriah can help you better understand about Karmic Relationships, in order to clear them, you will need to go through the 2 Week Fast Track to both clear them and learn how to clear them yourself. The best part about this is that you can get answers to your questions and then decide whether to go forward.

The Quantum MATRIX Healing - First Time Caller Consultation is $79.00 to answer any and all questions.  If you decide to do the 2 Week Fast Track, after your First Time Caller Consultation, your initial $79.00 is credited toward the $420.00 for the 2 Week Fast Track. If all you want is answers to questions then you have only invested $79.00 for those answers and you are not obligated to go any further.

 First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr are designed to be informationally complete within themselves and yet give you the foundation you need to go forward with the 2 Week Fast Track. Order the First Time Caller Consultation in the Services Store and the schedule your appointment time with Alexandriah Stahr.