Inner Shaman Healer Activation

Alexandriah Stahr is an ET Shaman with both her Ashtar Command Self and her Inner Shaman Healer Self equally and fully active and fully integrated into her everyday life.  Alexandriah Stahr can help you do the same with your own Inner Shaman Healer Activation. Although the website, “” was dedicated to helping people activate their own Inner Shaman Healer, it is NOT currently active. Alexandriah Stahr still offers the Inner Shaman Healer and Power Animals Activation by phone where you can learn to re-connect with your Inner Shaman Healer aka your Natural Instinctual Self for personal power and enlightenment.  Explore with Alexandriah Stahr the power and magic of bringing your Inner Shaman Healer along with your Personal Power Animals into your everyday life as spiritual guides and teachers.

Alexandriah Stahr's Inner Shaman Shamanism is the practice of living your life according to conscious communication and guidance with your own Inner Shaman and your own Personal Power Animals as representatives of your own Inner Magical Self and the personal talents and abilities represented by your Power Animals. The Shamanic Path is an individual path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Connecting with your own Inner Shaman is connecting with your true and Natural Self aka Instinctual Self who knows how to live in harmony with your body and your environment as well as communicate with and travel to the spiritual realms for answers and healing.

The Inner Shaman Healer Activation with Lord Sananda and Alexandriah Stahr allows you to access and bring conscious your own Inner Shaman Healer in all its various forms.  During the Inner Shaman Healer Activation Session, you may access a Traditional Shaman, Native American Shaman, Medicine Man or Woman, Healer or Magician from other traditions and/or you may access more than one from various traditions or lineages from various lifetimes.  From Alexandriah's perspective, your Inner Shaman Healer is part of your soul’s essence and your true self, that aspect of yourself that Alexandriah calls the Natural Self or Instinctive Self. This Inner Shaman Healer Self knows how to keep the body healthy and in harmony with your environment, Mother Nature and all of its creatures. Whatever is revealed during the session is simply another level of your own inner self with your own inner wisdom to share. Once you do this, you will experience a tangible feeling of wholeness as you recognize a part of yourself that has always been with you, but may have been elusive to connect with at will.

Power Animal Activation

The Power Animal Activation is a powerful process which calls out all of your various power animals that are ready to meet with you and start working with you at this time. This Power Animal Activation Session is meant to be an all inclusive, calling out all of your power animals so that they may be identified and integrated into your life and awareness, as your natural talents and abilities, along with your Inner Shaman Healer.

Combination Inner Shaman Healer and Power Animal Activation

Alexandriah offers a Combination Inner Shaman Healer and Power Animal Activation for those who want to bring this combination of powerful healing talents and abilities.  The Shaman Healer and Power Animal Activation is a combination of 2 previously separate sessions and explanations above. The session lasts between 1 - 1/12 hours and brings forth all Inner Shaman Selves and all Personal Power Animals for full integration and awareness. 

Although there are many books and information about Shamanism and Power Animals on the internet, Alexandriah will bring some new insights into this fascinating field of spirituality that has been given to her from Lord Sananda and her own Inner Shaman Healer, Sheleyah, White Wolf Woman of the White Wolf Tribe, and her own Personal Power Animals. This activation is only available to regular Star Team Members.