The MATRIX - Who is "The Whistle Blower” by Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar

The Whistle Blower is the Fallen Elohim #5 also known as the "Mother of All Evil" who came to Alexandriah Stahr as a client and who chose to Return to the Christ Vibration in 2013. She consciously chooses to surrender her dark keys and controls and reveals what programming is within her that needs to be shut down so that the Master MATRIX can be shut down. She, along with another client who acts as a backup system, embodies all the Dark Force Programming of the MATRIX and assists the Collective Christ in shutting down the MATRIX by her choice to Return to the Christ Vibration.

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr is Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar explaining who the Whistle Blower is and how she is assisting in the Freedom From the MATRIX Program by 2045.

Recently, Lord Metatron spoke of the end of the surrender of keys and technologies in the higher dimensions. There are many levels of reality between his realm and ours and then to your level in human embodiment. We are expanding this process of retrieving keys, powers and technologies from within those unChristed Souls embodied within Humanity.

Since April 2013, Alexandriah has worked closely with a client she refers to as the “Whistle Blower" and who is also known as the "Mother of All Evil." She is a conscious “Rebellious Soul” who remembers her part in the original Luciferian Rebellion. She is in embodiment as an ordinary woman with a family who has experienced feeling tortured and abused for much of her life. When she came to Alexandriah as a client in April 2013, it was soon revealed that in reality, she held the keys to her own prison and that of others.

The Whistle Blower originates as a soul from the Original Elohim Council but “chose” to rebel and go with Lucifer. To be clear, that makes her a “Fallen Elohim.” She became the creative partner with Lucifer to create multitudes of unChristed monstrosities including many of the alien races, some of which you may be familiar with and some you may not.

Although she realized her mistake very early on, the Gates of Heaven were closed to her, as they were to all Rebellious Souls and the unChristed Alien Souls also known as the Children of Lucifer. She could not go back until now the end of the Time of Allowance of Duality known as 2012.

Recently these Gates to Heaven have been re-opened so that all souls can go through the Planetary Redemption Process as part of the Planetary Ascension. Acting as the “Whistle Blower,” i.e. revealing Dark Force Secrets as her “issues” come up for clearing and standing witness with Alexandriah as the Dark Force Alien Races surrender their weapons, technologies and keys over to the Collective Christ is her way to redeem herself from the Luciferion Rebellion. In either case her soul’s lineage consists of both creator of and embodiments in these various alien forms for millions of years until the Time of Allowance of Duality was over and as humanity passed through the 2012 Portal.

Much of 2013 and now continuing into 2014 and beyond, she has called forth those she has had control over to surrender their weapons, technologies and keys to Alexandriah and the Collective Christ so that the Duality MATRIX can be dismantled. This is her purpose in this lifetime, to undo what she has done, make amends and earn her way back to the Christ. Humanity can now be freed from the MATRIX and those unChristed Souls within humanity can begin their Redemption Process.

We continue to bring forth these messages so that those who read them will know what is going on as it is happening. They provide a history of our work with Commander Alexandriah and her work with us in the development of our Freedom From the MATRIX Star Team Program.

The next step, as we said, is to speed up this process which we began last year. The Whistle Blower, as Alexandriah calls her, is also known as the "Mother of All Evil" in her role as the Head of the unChristed Elohim Council which was created after she rebelled with Lucifer. Originally before the Rebellion, there were 15 Elohim and their twin flames for a total of 30 Creator Beings within the Elohim Council. As Alexandriah said in her last message, she, Alexandriah, is the Elohim, Amazonia of the 1st Ray known as the Blue Ray along with her twin flame, Elohim Hercules. She and the others, who remained loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source and the Collective Christ continue to lead and be members of the Christed Elohim Council.

To review for those who don’t know, originally there were 15 Creator Beings along with their twin flames known as the Elohim Council. They co-created with Original Mother Father Creator Source before the Luciferian Rebellion. Lucifer and the Rebellious Elohim formed their own unChristed Fallen Elohim Council after the Rebellion. Lucifer then went on, with the Mother of All Evil, to co-create the MATRIX and all unChristed Creations and Alien Races within it. The original 7 Christed Elohim, along with their twin flames which remained loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source, continue to make up the Christed Elohim Council of “7 Rays” of which some of you may be familiar.

We give this background to give context to where we are within the Planetary Redemption Process. The original Whistle Blower, also known as the Mother of All Evil, is the leader of the unChristed Elohim Council who holds the unChristed Keys, Powers, Technologies and Blueprints of the unChristed MATRIX Programs and its creation.

Yesterday, Alexandriah and the Whistle Blower unlocked the Gates to the “Fallen Angelic Kingdom” where all types of Fallen Angelics reside. At the higher end of this kingdom, the Fallen Elohim Council had their abode. The Fallen Elohim Council was there waiting impatiently to finally surrender their keys, technologies and blueprints they had in their possession. The first words they spoke to us when we arrived were, “What took you so long?” “Thank you for coming as we have been waiting for this day for a very long time.”

This event is of tremendous significance as we now have access to the other 4 Fallen Elohim Creator Beings, their twin flames and the knowledge they hold. Their surrender will speed up the process of our Freedom From the MATRIX Star Team Program. As you can imagine, it makes it much easier to uncreate something when you have the knowledge of how it was originally created.

Every client who works with Alexandriah, contributes to the Star Team Database of Knowledge as we work with them nightly in the Star Team Program. This then in turn helps others who come later. With the surrender of the remaining 4 Fallen Elohim, the entire Fallen Elohim Council on the higher dimensions has now surrendered.  Their combined knowledge will now translate much faster without the need for the actual human souls who represent these soul lineages.

The original Whistle Blower, also known as the Mother of All Evil, was the key. Without her, it would have taken much longer. As she is healed, her healing process reveals who she is and who she has been, which in turn, reveals the path to healing both Rebellious Souls and the Luciferion Souls. As each Dark Force Group surrenders their keys, the Freedom From the MATRIX Program becomes much easier for both Christed and unChristed Souls. Keep her and her “associated conscious rebellious souls” in your prayers so that she and they will continue to progress personally and contribute to the Planetary Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 for all souls both Light and Dark.

End Transmission as received on 3.26.14

I AM Lord Sananda, Christ Teacher for the Earth

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command