The MATRIX - The Luciferion Rebellion and the Beginning of The MATRIX

What Started the MATRIX Then and Now by Archangel Michael channeled through Alexandriah Stahr

In the beginning there were 15 Elohim Angels and their twin flames which made up 30 Elohim Creator Angels within the Elohim Council.  As you know Alexandriah, your Higher Self is Amazonia, your twin flame is Hercules and you both are Elohim of the 1st Ray, the Blue Ray of Truth, Law and Order. The 1st Ray is also the ray of decision and choice and the point at which creation begins.  I AM Michael, Archangel of the Blue Ray and Higher Self of Commander Ashtar and the true Ashtar Command  which operates on and within the Blue Ray as well. This then is your soul lineage and our relationship to each other. As I tell this story switching back and forth from the beginning to the end and back again, it will trigger more of your own memory as you were there with me in this beginning just as we are again together in this the “End Times.”

The Elohim Council are creator gods and goddesses who co-create reality according to the Divine Plan given them by Original Mother Father Creator Source.  There was a mistake made by the feminine aspect of Elohim #5 which caused great consternation within the Elohim Council. The Council was called together and Elohim #5 was found guilty of gross negligence of her responsibilities as a creator goddess.  Instead of accepting the consequences of her actions, she rebelled against the guilty charge and never admitted her wrong doing or took responsibility for her mistake.  Instead, she railed against the injustice of it all and blamed everyone but herself for her fate.  As a result, she was relieved of her powers and duties and sentenced to a period of time to contemplate her situation.  

As Elohim # 5 sat in her contemplation, she created the Blueprint for the MATRIX out of her very essence.  Since she no longer had access to the Creation Energies, she created a system which would feed off the energies of those still connected to Original Mother Father Creator Source. Thus the MATRIX was created as a Vampiric System of Limitation and Control which would always feed her. Even Lucifer did not realize that the Fallen Angelic Blueprint for the MATRIX guaranteed her immortality, even after her soul was recycled in 2014, because her essence lived on within the Fallen Angelic Blueprint. That Blueprint and the remaining Essence of Elohim #5 has now been recycled and this next major step of shutting down the MATRIX and Freeing Humanity from The MATRIX by 2045 is complete.

Back to the beginning. Instead of using her time of contemplation to recognize her mistake and make amends, she plotted revenge and sent out communications to all within the heavenly realms who would listen to her and come to her aid.  The one who became her most staunch supporter was called Lucifer who joined her and made her cause his own and went on to lead the Luciferion Rebellion. This Rebellion caused 1/3 of All Creation to fall and create Duality, the reality in opposition to Original Creation and thus creating two competing realities where there was once ONE.  

Within these 2 realities, the Rebellious Angels became the Fallen Angels and the Dark Forces, creators and rulers of the MATRIX. The Collective Christ is/was made up of all those Beings of Light who remained loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source. I, Michael, Archangel of the Blue Ray led these Forces of Light in the original Rebellion and now that the Time of Allowance since 2012 is over, I continue to bring Dark Force Souls to justice before the Collective Christ Council as we shut down the MATRIX on its many levels.

What was Promised in the Rebellion?

In the beginning there was Original Mother Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan which created only “Positive and Beneficial Creation.”  Elohim #5, angered that she was found guilty of deviating from the Divine Plan called for Rebellion against it and promised through Lucifer that all that joined the Rebellion would become “gods in their own right,” and “gods of their own worlds,” answering to no one but themselves.  They were jealous and covetous of the Glory reserved for Original Mother Father Creator Source. This then was the “Original Sin,”  “arrogance” that they deserved what belonged to God. This was promised to all who joined the Rebellion.  I, Archangel Michael was called in to lead the Forces of Light to quell the rebellion but it was too late.  Original Mother Father Creator Source in their Mercy declared that the Rebellious Souls would be allowed to leave the heavens but they would no longer have access to the Creation Energies used to create Christed Creation.  It was also declared that the Rebellious Souls would only be allowed to be in rebellion for a set period of time. That period of time was determined by Original Mother Creator Source and was called the “Time of Allowance.”

When the “Time of Allowance” was over, as marked by your calendar date 2012, the Rebellious Souls would again be judged before the Collective Christ Council.  They would either be judged unworthy to continue in existence and be recycled in the Judgement Fires or they would be extended amnesty for this their last lifetime to determine whether they would be worthy of “redemption” and be allowed to redeem themselves in the Eyes of Original Mother Father Creator Source.  

What Now?

This first judgement process already occurred during your calendar year 2014 and it is to those souls who we send this message. Your desire to return home to Original Mother Father Creator Source has been heard, and the opportunity is being extended to you to change yourself and your reality for the better.  At the end of this, your current lifetime, you will come before the Collective Christ Council once again for final determination of your redemption status. You will be asked, what have you done to be worthy of redemption in this lifetime?  To those of you who earn redemption, your retraining will begin and you will be welcomed back into the Collective Christ Family. To those who don’t earn redemption, your soul will be recycled in the Judgement Fires. To those souls in human embodiment whose souls have already been recycled, at the end of this physical life, they will simply shed their physical body as the last of their existence comes to an end.

It is to this end that we have shut down the Original Fallen Angelic Blueprint MATRIX and recycled the original blueprint created by Elohim #5.  Her original essence that went into creating this blueprint has now been recycled.  This now allows us to continue to shut down further levels of the MATRIX from the Planetary Level all the way to the All of Creation Level. We will continue to do what is needed and will continue to update you as we go through the process.

Blessings in the Christ

We are Archangels Michael and Gabriel bringing Divine Truth through our Messenger Commander Alexandriah Stahr