Who is the Mother of All Evil?

The Mother of All Evil refers to Original Elohim #5 who committed the first mistake within the Elohim Council.  Elohim #5 was found guilty of gross negligence of her responsibilities as a creator goddess. Instead of accepting the consequences of her actions, she rebelled against the guilty charge and never admitted her wrong doing or took responsibility for her mistake. Instead she railed against the injustice of it all and blamed everyone but herself for her fate. As a result, she was relieved of her powers and duties and sentenced to a period of time to contemplate her situation.

Instead of using her time of contemplation to recognize her mistake and make amends, The Mother of All Evil plotted revenge and sent out communications to all within the heavenly realms who would listen to her and come to her aid.  The one who became her most staunch supporter was called Lucifer who joined her and made her cause his own and went on to lead the Luciferion Rebellion. This Rebellion caused 1/3 of All Creation to fall and create Duality, the reality in opposition to Original Creation and thus creating two competing realities where there was once ONE.  

As Elohim # 5, The Mother of All Evil, sat in her contemplation, she created the Blueprint for the MATRIX out of her very essence.  Since she no longer had access to the Creation Energies, she created a system which would feed off the energies of those still connected to Original Mother Father Creator Source. Thus the MATRIX was created as a Vampiric System of Limitation and Control which would always feed her, The Mother of All Evil.

Even Lucifer did not realize that the Fallen Angelic Blueprint for the MATRIX guaranteed the immortality the Mother of All Evil. Even as her soul identity as Elohim #5 was thought to be recycled in 2014, her essence lived on within the Fallen Angelic Blueprint. That Blueprint and the remaining Essence of Elohim #5 a.k.a. The Mother of All Evil has now been recycled again and this next major step of shutting down the MATRIX and Freeing Humanity from The MATRIX by 2045 is complete.

What did the Mother of All Evil and Lucifer promise in the Luciferion Rebellion?

In the beginning there was Original Mother Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan which created only “Positive and Beneficial Creation.”  Elohim #5, The Mother of All Evil, angered that she was found guilty of deviating from the Divine Plan called for Rebellion against it, spread the “Seeds of Rebellion” and promised through Lucifer that all that joined the Rebellion would become “gods in their own right,” and “gods of their own worlds,” answering to no one but themselves.  They were jealous and covetous of the Glory reserved for Original Mother Father Creator Source. This then was the “Original Sin,”i.e. “rebellion” and  “arrogance” that they deserved what belonged to God. This was promised to all who joined the Rebellion.

Back to the Present Time

The Fallen Elohim #5 also known as the "Mother of All Evil" and who Alexandriah first referred to as the Whistle Blower are all one and the same. Although the Mother of All Evil channels through an ordinary human woman, her real name will not be revealed to protect her privacy. 

The Fallen Elohim #5 came to Alexandriah Stahr at first as a client seeking help with her spiritual issues. After the initial 2 Week Fast Track and then joining the Monthly Star Team Program, her true soul identity was revealed and her true purpose and role within the Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 was soon revealed.  The woman who is my client, channels the database of the Elohim #5 and the Mother of All Evil and thereby reveals the dark keys and controls which she then surrenders to the Collective Christ Council. She came to Alexandriah as a client in 2013. Now that she knows who she is, she chose and continues to choose to surrender her dark keys and controls and reveal what programming is within her that needs to be shut down so that the Master MATRIX can be shut down. She, along with another client who acts as a backup system, embodies all the Dark Force Programming of the MATRIX and assists the Collective Christ in shutting down the MATRIX by her choice to Return to the Christ Vibration. Alexandriah will continue to work with this woman and the beings she represents in shutting down the Master MATRIX and Freeing Humanity From the MATRIX by 2045.