Who is the Daughter of All Evil?

The Daughter of All Evil is the name of the Master Controller of the Demonic and Satanic Hierarchy of All Evil.

On the human level, The "Daughter of All Evil" is a new client that started working with Alexandriah in September 2016. She came because she was seeing and was being tormented by entities. I started, as usual, with the 2 Week Fast Track which breaks all MATRIX Contracts and Agreements and removes all Alien Implants. It soon became apparent that she was being tormented by demons and satanic entities and that her home was full of portals into the demonic realms. I was then told by the Collective Christ that she was the "Daughter of All Evil" and that she herself controlled these Demonic and Satanic Levels of Reality. As is true of the "Mother of All Evil" she was unaware of her true identity and that she herself is the Master Controller of the Demonic and Satanic Hierarchy. This then is another level of Planetary Healing work that Alexandriah does with the assistance of the Collective Christ Council. As the issues within the Daughter of All Evil are shut down, millions of souls that she controls are set free, the Demonic and Satanic Realms are shut down and the demons and satanics within recycled.  

The Daughter of All Evil controls the Demonic and Satanic Hierarchy of Evil which is different but related to the “Mother of all Evil” which Alexandriah originally referred to as the “whistleblower”and has been working with since 2012. The “Mother of all Evil” represented the Hierarchies of Evil related to the Alien Races and as was said above, the “Daughter of all Evil” represents the energies of “Demonic and Satanic Hierarchy of Evil.”  These 2 women represent levels 1 and 2 of the Hierarchy of Evil which was shut down recently. As each master level is shut down within these women, it represents the release of millions of souls under them in their respective Hierarchies of Evil.

What is strange is that both of these women are ordinary women leading ordinary lives and yet they are connected to the highest levels of the “Hierarchies of Evil” and controlled millions of souls between them.  No, these women were not aware of who they were in the beginning, they simply came to me because they were being tormented by different negative issues. The “Daughter of all Evil thinks she is the victim of demonic attacks rather than that she is the Mistress of them all.  After working with her these many months, it is amazing to see how the “Hierarchies of Evil” are distributed amongst Humanity and they, the hosts, seem ignorant of who they really are. 

Of all the clients that Alexandriah has worked with over the years, only a handful have been identified as Master Levels of Evil within the MATRIX. Who people are at the soul level is revealed as soon as the Monthly Star Team Program removes the MATRIXES that hide their identity.  To those who are "regular redeemed souls," they will experience a positive and beneficial process of Karmic Release and MATRIX Clearing. Join the Monthly Star Team Program and see what benefits are in store for you. 

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