Updated Overview of Soul Vows and Agreements

How they affect Redeemed Souls and their importance to the Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Process with Alexandriah Stahr.

From the beginning and for 30 years I have taken my clients through the "Revocation of Vows and Agreements" which removed various agreements with different Alien Races and their Implants as well as other agreements we have all made in our different lifetimes. When my worked evolved from Karma Clearing to MATRIX Clearing in 1999, I discovered "the MATRIX" that contained these various agreements, including the Master Agreement which we make with the MATRIX itself. Removing  these agreements and their MATRIXES are standard for me and all of my clients go through this process as part of the 2 Week Fast Track.  Imagine my surprise when it was discovered that the "Whistle Blower" had additional agreements as a "Rebellious Soul" that made it difficult for her to release the MATRIXES that needed to be released so that she could relinquish control and "stop" being a "Rebellious Soul."  

This may be difficult for some of you reading this newsletter to accept as what I have discovered since 2012 is that most people, who are in fact "Rebellious Souls" or "Recycled Souls" have no clue as to who they are. You think that since you are on a spiritual path that you are a "positive spiritual person."  That's not necessarily true. Spiritual Power can be both "Christed" and "unChristed." The purpose of the Planetary Ascension is for the Earth and humanity to get Free from the MATRIX and Return to the Christ Vibration and Christed Power of Original Mother/Father Creator Source not just develop "spiritual power." Most spiritual power being developed at this time on the Earth is coming from unChristed Alien Sources which by extension are Luciferion Sources.

The definition of a Christed Soul is that we have always remained loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source, both before and after the Luciferion Rebellion. We understand that we are Children of God and as such align our will with the Will of Original Mother Father Creator Source.

Rebellious Souls rebelled against the Will of God and view themselves as equal to God.  Here in lies the "Choice of Rebellion." Once that choice was made, your soul was locked out of the Christ Vibration and was not allowed back until the "End of the Time of Allowance" occurred in 2012. Since then, the choice to return has been available. However, since the "Choice" is locked in a MATRIX Program, only 15% of Humanity has been able to make that choice on the soul level, which is not necessarily conscious. Now that the "Whistle Blower" has surrendered her "Will," re-made her choice and had the MATRIX removed, she has made this new "Choice" possible for other "Rebellious Souls." This choice can now be made by other "Rebellious Souls" on a conscious level. It is time for Rebellious Souls to become conscious of their "Rebellion" and renounce it so they too can be "Consciously Redeemed in the Christ."

Yes, the Whistle Blower has cleared the path for this to occur but it is not as easy as just deciding, it also requires removing the MATRIX Programming that keeps you locked into that choice. This is what the new Renunciation and Redemption - Freedom Series is designed to do.  30 years of Karma Clearing and MATRIX Clearing and this Clearing is now available to anyone who requests this service of me.

What the last 20 years of the Planetary Ascension has shown me is that this "Ascension" is the false "Ascension" and has in fact empowered the unChristed ones with their unChristed Powers. This is why I no longer do soul readings.  It is not that I can't see who people are, it is that I choose not to tell them unless and until they are ready to receive it and do something about it. The new Renunciation and Redemption - Freedom Series is just what is needed so that people can begin to see the truth about themselves and their alien affiliations underneath the lies of their MATRIX Programming. 

Yes, Original Mother Father Creator Source does have a Redeemed Soul Redemption Plan for those who "choose" to "re-choose" the Christ Vibration.

For more information about the Renunciation and Redemption - Freedom Series, go to First Time Caller Consultation and schedule an appointment for us to discuss this issue with you further and lead you through the process of Christed Redemption.