The MATRIX and the False Concept of Oneness  =  #1MATRIX LIe

1.3.17 False Concept of Oneness by Alexandriah Stahr

For a long time, I have wanted to write an article about "Oneness" and what that means within the context of the MATRIX. I actually wrote this article in 2015 but I don’t think I ever published it. I found it today as I was creating the Duality Structure Drawing below and found it a perfect description to explain the Drawing.


The False Concept of Oneness has been put forth by all the unChristed Andromedon and Annunakki Spiritual Channels, Healers and Teachers out there, particularly those who participated in the movie "The Secret."  Not only does this concept imply that Original Mother Father Creator Source created all things Christed and unChristed but that we are in fact “gods” ourselves creating our reality and that we all are connected to the same source. It also states that Original Mother Father Creator Source wanted to experience separation and therefore created duality. 


Nothing could be further from the truth!!!  Original Mother Father Creator Source only creates positive and beneficial creations. This concept of Oneness is a MATRIX Lie to keep people from recognizing that Duality is the experience of the MATRIX and that you cannot just “reconnect" with Christed Source, if your soul rebelled from the Original Divine Plan, just because you want to.

5.21.15 Ashtar and Sananda: MATRIX Lies and False Beliefs of unChristed Souls

Although this message is for everyone, it is meant to speak to the unChristed Souls among your readers to assist them in recognizing who they are.

First we would like to address the “False Concept of Oneness”

The “Oneness Concept is a the biggest and most prevalent of the MATRIX Lies.  To those who subscribe to this false belief, you can hear the MATRIX droning in their ears with the mantra, “We are One, We are One, We are One.”  Yes, we are One, in the MATRIX! This mantra unifies them with their false sense of “source”, the unChristed “source of duality.”  This unChristed “source” is Lucifer which unChristed Souls call their “god.”  What they do not realize is that the One True God, Original Mother Father Creator Source is not their “source” but "The Source” they rebelled against during the Luciferion Rebellion. Once the Rebellion was completed, Lucifer, along with his consorts and followers created the MATRIX Structure and Hierarchy with himself as the figurehead at the top claiming himself as “source.”  Although Lucifer has been de-throned, his Quantum MATRIX System and Hierarchy of Evil is still in place.  Those souls who are aligned with him and all unChristed Creation are easy to spot once you know what to look for:

False Beliefs of unChristed Souls

1. The false belief that all creation came from the “same source”

2.The false belief that Original Mother Father Creator Source created “Duality” so that it could experience “separation from itself” and that it then created all the evil that Duality contains.

3.THE TRUTH:  Lucifer and his followers rebelled against Original Mother Father Creator Source because they craved power for themselves alone.  They created Duality as the opposing force to Original Mother Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan, which only supports positive and beneficial energies and creations. The MATRIX is the system that Lucifer and his fallen co-creators created to rob Christed Souls of their Christed Energy. Its purpose is to control and limit and spread their evil power like a virus throughout All of Creation.

4.The belief that darkness/duality does NOT exist

5.The belief that all souls can “evolve” to being “god” and are “entitled” to Original Mother Father Creator Source’s God Power in their own right.  They refuse to give “honor” to Original MotherFather Creator Source and the Divine Plan.

These concepts are the very definition of “Rebellion.” It was Lucifer’s promise to his followers that if they followed him they could be “gods” in their own right and rulers of their own creations without the need to give honor back to Original Mother Father Creator Source as the Source of the Energies they used to create their abominations. They were also jealous of Man who was given “Free Will” and wanted it for themselves as well. What they did not know and what Lucifer did not tell them is that once they rebelled, they could not go back unless and until Original Mother Father Creator Source allowed it. After the Rebellion,The Gates of Heaven were closed against them. They were cut off from the Original Source and its Creative Energies and so the MATRIX was created as a system of control and limitation to steal the life force energies reserved for Christed Souls. 2012 marked the End of the Time of Allowance where Mother Father Creator Source decided it was time to End Duality and Shut Down the MATRIX. That process is now in motion and will continue as the Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ will Free all of Humanity and All of Reality From the MATRIX by 2045. 

The MATRIX Lie, We are One” does NOT refer to all souls coming from the same creator but that we are all trapped within the same MATRIX System of Duality.

2012, which was celebrated as the Planetary Ascension, was actually when Original Mother Father Creator Source declared the End of the Time of Allowance and where the beginning of Duality could begin.

End Transmission

I AM Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth

I AM Commander Ashtar of the Solar Star Command      

                                        Duality Structure Drawing by Alexandriah Stahr