The MATRIX - Soul Unwrapping

Soul Unwrapping: Who Am I at the Soul Level? This question is answered in the following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Archangels Michael and Gabriel and tells about a new Freedom Series offered by Alexandriah Stahr to reveal who people are at the soul level.

It is time for all souls to know the truth about themselves and their soul origin.  In the beginning all souls were of Light. When rebellion crept into Original Creation, Rebellious Souls were cut off from the Original Mother Father Creator Source. A dark shadow overlay came into being blocking both access and awareness of this Original Light held in place by contract and allegiance to Lucifer as the unChristed godhead for the Rebellious Souls.  MATRIX programming reinforced this new identity and over millions of years and just as many lifetimes serving the dark side of the MATRIX, conscious awareness of this fact was lost to many.  

Many now have awakened to the concept of the Planetary Ascension but have been misinformed as to its true meaning. As has been stated before, Duality must end first.  You cannot ascend into the Light until you first acknowledge who you are and your part in Duality.  For Christed Souls, it is simply a matter of getting Free from the limitation of the MATRIX.  For Rebellious Souls, you must first recognize that you are a Rebellious Soul and choose Redemption as you also seek to Get Free From the MATRIX.  

2012 marked the “End of the Time of Allowance” when Original Mother Father Creator Source called an end to allowing Duality to exist.  In 2013 Divine Judgement was passed on all souls and many were found wanting.  Those souls who were “judged” unworthy because of being unable or unwilling to change, were “recycled” in the “Judgement Fires.”  This  has left their physical bodies with just a “soul monitor” to assist them in simply living out their remaining years on the Earth but denying them access to their dark powers.  Once their body dies, there will be no reincarnation for them.  As these Recycled Souls die off, the Redeemed Souls will clean up the unChristed mess they helped create and the Earth and Humanity can move in the direction of more positive and beneficial  life experiences.  This progress will simply look like accelerated evolution with less resistance from the dark side over time.

The majority of souls were given temporary “redemption” so that they could prove themselves worthy of God’s Mercy as they assist in restoring the Earth to its Christed Glory.  It is to these souls I address this message.  It is time for you to face the truth of who you are at the soul level.  Many of you believe yourselves to be good people victimized by the MATRIX and dark force attack. You believe you don’t deserve the life of hardship you experience.  By Earth standards, you are good people but if you were part of the original Luciferion Rebellion then by definition, you are a dark soul who now must recognize this fact and consciously renounce your allegiance to Lucifer and re-choose the Christ. You must continue on your spiritual path with conscious awareness of who you are and who you have been, accept responsibility and make amends to those you have harmed and those you have deceived.  Many have awakened to the “False Ascension Message, awakening and then rushing to learn unChristed healing techniques that would restore your dark powers.

As you awaken and you rush to learn unChristed healing techniques taught by unChristed Souls impostering the Light so that you can “do your mission,” you need to first look at yourself. “Healer, heal thyself.” Healing comes through the Soul and is tainted and or influenced by what is there at the soul level.  The time has come for all souls to become conscious of who they are at the soul level so that true healing and Freedom From the MATRIX can be done.  Although you, Alexandriah, can discern soul identities, we have heard your request to extend a Freedom Series that will assist people in identifying themselves.

It has been determined that each soul needs to see for themselves who they are.  This is not as easy as it sounds as MATRIX Programming is designed to both deceive the soul into believing themselves as Light and as a deception to them and a deception to those they would influence. Since many New Age belief Systems deny duality, this MATRIX Programming reinforces the person’s false belief in themselves as Lightworkers.

The time has come for the false masks of Rebellious Souls masquerading as Souls of Light shall come to an end.  We give you the Soul Unwrapping – Freedom Series to offer to those souls who seek the truth about themselves so that they can experience the truth of their soul for themselves.  

Once they know for themselves who they are and what part they have played, their life experiences will make more sense and will give them a better sense of themselves going forward and why Getting Free From the MATRIX is so important for all souls.

End Transmission

We are Archangels Michael and Gabriel Representing the Collective Christ Council

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