Soul Types - An Explanation by Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar updates our understanding of Soul Types.

What Soul Types are there within Humanity?

The following is a breakdown of soul types within Humanity

Christed  Souls 1% of Humanity 

Christed - unChristed Hybrid Souls 2% of Humanity (now recycled)

Redeemed Souls 62% of Humanity

Recycled Souls 35% of Humanity  (Original Alien Races & Lucifer's Children)

Christed Souls:

Christed Souls were originally created by Original Mother Father Creator Source and have remained loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source all through duality and now in present time, the Time of Redemption.  They only make up 1% of Humanity.  Their Souls are Eternal and will lead the Earth to Freedom from the MATRIX by 2045 and Return the Earth to the Christ Vibration.  It is this Light that has held the Earth from plunging into total darkness until the End of the Time of Allowance arrived in 2012 and we could begin the cleanup process.  Since the Annunakki Aliens created the MATRIX on Earth, it is now time to remove the Annunakki  Influences and all other unChristed alien beliefs, influences and powers.

Redeemed Souls:

Redeemed Souls are original Fallen Angels that have lived many lives as various Alien Species. These lives all represent past life overlays which have tarnished your Souls’s Essence. You can now be healed and claim your redemption status. Alexandriah’s Quantum MATRIX Healing - Monthly Star Team Program facilitates this process for those who choose to become members.

Recycled Souls:

Recycled Souls were Souls created by Lucifer and his Fallen Creators Angels to imbue his Alien Creations with Soul Essence.  Since these Souls were created by Lucifer and NOT by Original Mother Father Creator Source, they were not Eternal and have now been recycled  in the Judgement Fires.  These Recycled Souls make up the Recycled Soul population that will soon die off, never to live again.

Christed - unChristed Hybrid Souls:

Christed - unChristed Hybrid Souls are souls who are dual in nature. They were created early after the rebellion to create the illusion of duality being the original nature of the soul. They were created in what was the memory of how Christed Souls behaved and then given the seed of rebellion as well.  This would cause a deep divide within the soul trying to decide which voice to listen to,  "the angel on the right shoulder" or the "devil on the left shoulder." Of course, this is an unChristed illusion and has caused more misery than any other soul type. Since these souls were one of the original soul types created by Lucifer, they have since been recycled.

End Transmission as received on 5.29.17

I AM Lord Sananda, Planetary Earth Teacher

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Solar Star Command