Money and the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality by Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda 

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command on Money and the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth and the cause behind your Planetary Great Recession in 2005 - 2011 

Greetings I am Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar – Solar Star Command,  today we continue to remove major MATRIXES that affect you and everyone on your planet.  These MATRIXES revolve around “values” and in turn the value that money plays in your society. This I know is of major concern to all of you who have seen your quality of life decline and your “cost of living” rise in recent years. I am here to tell you that your economic decline is the result of the MATRIX and its corrupt economic system, not a decline in the need for money and a Christed Economic System on your planet.  

The MATRIX by its nature goes against Universal Law of Energy Exchange which states;“ something of equal or higher value must always be given in exchange for value received.”  When something is sold or traded, the seller must always receive something of equal or greater value in return.  When value is given, value must be received. Value given is in value perceived by the buyer and seller.

Anyone who takes advantage of another in an energy exchange transaction is guilty of theft and is subject to The Universe balancing the scales against them in all future transactions until the scales are balanced.  The dark forces know this and know how to “balance the scales” to protect their ill-gotten gains. This is why very wealthy people “donate” to charity in such lavish ways. Many of them are trying to “buy their way into heaven” because they know that making the money was not the problem but it was the way that they made their money that is suspect. Many times the Universe will take from them in the form of ill health or unhappy family situations so that everyone knows that money does not always buy happiness.  

The MATRIX steals energy from those trapped in it according to who you are on a soul level. The more spiritually aligned you are with the Christ Vibration, the more that the MATRIX steals from you.  This is the whole purpose of the MATRIX which is to steal energy from those who have access to Original Mother/Father Creator Source by those who don’t, i.e. the dark forces steal from the Light Forces.

Till now the MATRIX tilted the scales in favor of themselves. This has been done since the very beginning but because you are now in the end times before 2012, the injustice has speeded up and has caused your Planetary Economic Recession which has caused so much fear and turmoil in your world.  The MATRIX Programming has gone wild in recent years and has caused the insanity for all to see.

The MATRIX taking your money is not the only problem. It is the MATRIX Programming that causes your misunderstanding of money and energy exchange that has contributed to the problem. In your pursuit of your Spiritual Path, you have taken to heart old MATRIX lies which say you have to “poor to be holy.” Many have given away their material possessions thinking that they are no longer needed and then preach against those who do not do the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is nothing wrong with material possessions, it is only the excess of possessions when others have nothing that causes an imbalance in society.  

Lack of money is a lack of energy to fuel your body and your life and the activities of your life. As above, so below.  If energy is everything and everything is energy than a lack of anything is a lack of energy in that area. As I said above, this insidious theft of your very life force has been speeded up and has caused many to think that this is part of the Christed Ascension Process.  It is not!  Let me repeat, money and the exchange of goods and services will continue into the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. It is “how” you make money and what you do with it that will change and make the difference.

It is your value system on your planet which needs to change. Take a look at what has value in your world.  Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs which cause ill health and death is big business. Pharmaceutical pain killer drugs which cause dependence has enslaved millions of souls and makes billions of dollars for those who enslave others. Your health care system caters to “pills” which cause negative side effects and death and yet “Medical Doctors” are the gods of your society who are allowed to “practice” on you for huge fees and are not held accountable for not “healing” the problem.  

In contrast, your holistic and spiritual healers are having their profession taken over by the AMA because you do not have the financial resources to keep this from happening. Even those who claim to be spiritual are contributing to your own downfall by devaluing themselves and your profession by giving away your spiritual gifts for free and condemning those who don’t follow in this misguided zeal to “save the world.” In times past, the spiritual healers and teachers were of the most revered and most valued in society and were provided for financially in an abundant way because society perceived them as valuable.

You will each “save the world” in your own way by utilizing your God Given talents and abilities to add value to your world and being compensated abundantly for it.  In this way, you have enough resources for yourself and your life and can give from a full cup. Trying to give from an empty cup will only deplete you.  This is the directive that I gave Commander Alexandriah Stahr when she first started doing her healing work. I told her to “charge” whatever she needed to support herself and her mission to promote the work in the world in the form of sessions, programs, books and products. Her work is and always has been supported by those who benefit from it.  This is in alignment with Universal Law and should be emulated by all those who profess to be in service to God and Humanity. The greatest honor that you can give to God is to use your talents and abilities to help others and to be compensated for it so that God is seen in you and all that you do.

It is an unChristed concept that having money and making money is somehow bad. God gives you money to provide for yourself and your needs.  Jobs, business, marriage, inheritance, investments are all channels for God to bring money into your life so that you can provide for yourself and provide for your contribution back to society in the form of goods and services.  Again it is what you do with the money that makes the difference. Creating value in your society that benefits all in your society is a worthy purpose for money. This is the right use of money and needs to be re-learned by all.  

The whole purpose of the Consciousness Shift of the Planetary Ascension is so that your belief systems change from negative to positive and that you are able to change your world for the better by bringing it into alignment with the Christ Vibration. The Christ Vibration honors God by acknowledging your talents and abilities and using them. It is the true meaning of following your passion or following your bliss. Use your talents and abilities to make yourself happy and when you share your talents and abilities you make others happy too. This is right use of God’s Energy only one of which is money.

We are now in the process of reversing this injustice by Removing the unChristed MATRIX Values MATRIX. Although this will be completed over the next few days, the re-education of all in the Universal Law of Energy Exchange and correcting the “Lightworkers” view of money will take considerably longer. Many Lightworkers have the view that once you go through the Planetary Ascension that you will no longer need money.  This is simply not true.  Money is simply a medium of exchange for value given in exchange for value received.  It is portable and easily exchangeable for goods and services and represents the productivity of the country and its people to produce value in the world.  Without money you have no medium of exchange. Without exchanges between people, you have stagnation and death.  Money may not bring happiness but as many of you have experienced, not having money will make you pretty unhappy pretty quick if you cannot provide for your material needs of food, clothing and shelter. Once your basic needs of food, shelter and clothing is provided for yourself and your family your attention can then turn to providing benefit for your greater community and the world in general. The following is the right alignment and use of your energies:

God 1st, Self 2nd, Spiritual Path 3rd, Life Partner 4th, Children 5th, Community 6th and the world in general 7th.

The time has come for you to re-evaluate your values and eliminate the negative people, things, situations, products and services that you give value to and give money to. Prioritize your value system and you will find more money in your life. Support those people, organizations and its products and services that add value to yourself and others.  

Identify within yourselves your natural talents and abilities and create a vehicle for you to make these available to others. It is a noble pursuit to add value to others in line with your natural talents and abilities and in return be abundantly compensated for it.  Create real Christed Value and the money will follow and know that to honor thyself is to honor God.  

End Transmission as received on 8.8.11

I Am Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

Protector of Planet Earth and Overseer of the Divine Plan as directed by Lord Sananda