The MATRIX - The Luciferion Rebellion - Freedom Series

The Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series clears and heals the Seeds of Rebellion within all unChristed Soul Types. The Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series also clears and heals the emotional memories of the Luciferion Rebellion within all Humanity no matter what your soul type is.

The Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series, the Story.  A few days ago as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that I had been feeling an overwhelming sadness all day.  As I reviewed  what was going on in my life, I couldn’t point to any event or issue that was causing the sadness and as is my custom, I checked upstairs and asked if this was a “Planetary Issue.”  I didn’t get an immediate answer and so did some emotional healing work on myself and then drifted off to sleep.  In the morning, I felt better but was guided to go into my “soaking meditation” to retrieve the energy download.  I received the Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series and a brief explanation of what it covered…original sadness tracing back to the Luciferion Rebellion.

It is quite common that when I first receive a new Freedom Series that all I get is a short phrase describing what the series covers in addition to a self-explanatory name or title.  Now it is a few days later and I am able to share more information about it.

The Luciferion Rebellion - Freedom Series removes the Point of Rebellion MATRIX within your consciousness and releases  the original fear, pain, anger, sadness, grief and loss which this rebellion originally created within each individual and within the collective consciousness. We tap into this reservoir of feelings repeatedly whenever we experience current loss or failure in our lives. Healing this issue will remove this core sadness and enable your soul to re-choose to serve the Christ Light of Original Mother Father Creator Source and their Divine Plan.  It does not matter what your original soul's choice was, it matters that you choose NOW to Return to the Christ and the Divine Plan.  This healing deals with the issue of "Original Choice” and clearing the Original Seeds of Rebellion which caused Lucifer to rebel in the first place.  

What were the Seeds of Rebellion?  Lucifer was jealous and envious of God and arrogant in thinking that he was equal to God.  In his arrogance, Lucifer led over 1/3 of creation to rebel with him against the Divine Plan and when he was cut off from the Creation Energies of Creator Source, he created the MATRIX as a way to steal energy from Christed Souls. This MATRIX is a parasite on the original Divine Plan.  The Point of Rebellion”is what created Duality in the first place and although Duality was never part of the Original Divine Plan, it has been allowed by Original Mother Father Creator Source to be until now.

2012 marks the end of this Time of Allowance and Original Mother Father Creator Source is reclaiming all souls back to their Original Choice and giving us one last opportunity to re-choose to Return to the Christ Light and the Divine Plan.  This Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series is the answer to this issue. It is the Divine Intervention that will remove this MATRIX and recode you with the choice to Return to the Christ Vibration and the Divine Plan of Original Mother/Father Creator Source.  

Don’t be too quick to judge and say “…oh…I don’t need that.”  No one is immune to this pain.  If you are here on this planet during this time of the Planetary Ascension then this issue needs to be addressed.  

What doing the Luciferion Rebellion - Freedom Series on myself has shown me is that people cannot just make a simple choice to Return to the Light.  The story of who each person is and where they were when this event occurred,  as well as each choice that has been made since then, is recorded within your own individual MATRIX and needs to be removed so that you can release the pain and re-experience true Free Will Choice.

The Point of Rebellion exists in our individual soul lineages and within the collective history of creation.  Where we were when this happened and the choice we made when it occurred is noted and programmed into our consciousness until it is removed.  The Luciferion Rebellion MATRIX  holds our original choice and the pain from that choice in place and records our continuing choices to support the original choice.  This MATRIX continues to trigger both our pain and the Seeds of Rebellion within us so that our choice to serve the Christ is actually a daily one.  Each time we lose heart and wonder why life is so unfair, we are actually accessing the continuing Seeds of Rebellion.  This MATRIX acts as Lucifer’s continued abuse and seduction of our souls and needs to be removed.

If you have been reading the messages from Ashtar and Sananda all during 2011, you will remember that they were pushing for people to make a choice to Return to the Light.  And yet, if it were that simple, people wouldn’t need me and they would just do it. What I see now is that Lord Sananda and Ashtar have been preparing us for this awareness of the need to acknowledge and heal the Luciferion Rebellion since they first sent the message about the Story of Duality back in March 2012. They were preparing us for what is now the solution to this issue, which is now available through the Luciferion Rebellion – Freedom Series.  

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