How do I become a Redeemed Soul?

How do I become a Redeemed Soul is the question that is answered in the following channeled transmission through Alexandriah Stahr, the Voice of the Collective Christ from Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michael. 

We, Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michel come before you today to answer the question, “How do you become a Redeemed Soul.” The one known as the Whistle Blower” has finally surrendered her “Will” to the Divine Plan of Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the Collective Christ to surrender her identity and role within Duality as the Fallen Elohim #5 Alandra/Alandro. Although she has cooperated with you and the Collective Christ for the last two years since 2012, she has finally acknowledged who she has been within Duality since the Original Luciferian Rebellion.  

She has surrendered her “Will” to Original Mother/Father Creator Source so that she will be able to finally let go of her previous identity and the Christed Star Teams can lift this burden from her. She will then be able to fully embody herself as a Redeemed Soul on the Redemption Path and begin the journey of clearing her own personal issues rather than processing the All of Creation Issues of Duality and the MATRIX.

What does this mean for others who have played major roles in the Duality Battle within the MATRIX?  It means that every soul who chooses “Redemption” can now more readily release the MATRIX Programming of their unChristed Selves.

Alandra, who was one of the original Elohim who rebelled with Lucifer and was the Whistle Blower’s previous identity, has been released and recycled.  The Whistle Blower, which is her current role, had to go through this process first so that all other unChristed Souls could then follow.  Just as you, Alexandriah, represent the Collective Christ and must go through the steps first for the Christed Souls Ascension Process, the Whistle Blower had to take this final 1st Step so that all unChristed Souls going forward can take it as well.

The Whistle Blower’s surrender of her “Will” releases the resistance within unChristed Souls to accept and receive the Christed Redemption Energies.  It is this “resistance” in the Whistle Blower which has  caused some unChristed Clients to resist the MATRIX Clearing Process over the years.  It is the original “Free Will Choice” that was chosen during the Luciferian Rebellion being reversed so that these souls can once again be accepted back by Original Mother/Father Creator Source and re-align themselves with the Divine Will of Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan.  Unless and until each unChristed Soul consciously and verbally acknowledges who they have been and consciously chooses to Re-choose the Christ, this original choice to rebel will continue to be the driving force within them and the MATRIX Programming that supports it.

Yes they can receive Quantum MATRIX Healings for some time but their progress is limited.  Unless and until they remake this choice and the MATRIX holding it in place is removed by the Star Teams, their resistance to the truth of the MATRIX and the Christ Vibration will be limited.

At some point, this shift must be made.  Now that the Whistle Blower has made this choice for herself, declaring it before the Collective Christ Council, others will find it easier to make this Christed Choice as well.  

We have created a new Freedom Series to address this issue. You may offer this Renunciation and Redemption – Freedom Series as a stand-alone Freedom Series for those who would choose it.  There is no pre-requisite.  It is also included in your Monthly Star Team Program so that all those who are members of the Monthly Star Team will experience this shift shortly after joining if it is needed. For more information about services available for Redeemed Souls, go to First Time Caller Special.

End Transmission

We are

Ashtar, Commander of the Solar Star Command

Lord Sananda, Christ Teacher for the Christ

Archangel Michael, Protector of the Collective Christ