Christed Souls vs unChristed Souls

The following explanation of Christed Souls vs unChristed Souls was given to Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda.

Christed Souls:

Christed Souls were created by Original Mother Father Creator Source and have always remained loyal to God both before and after the rebellion and are current members in good standing of the Collective Christ. They continue as always as Lightholders for the Christ Vibration for the Earth.

Christed Souls volunteered to come to Earth not to “learn their lessons” as is taught by unChristed teachers and teachings but to hold the Christ Vibration for the Earth until after the Time of Allowance passed in 2012 and the real work of dismantling the MATRIX  and Returning the Earth to the Christ Vibration could begin and be completed by 2045.  

unChristed Souls:

UnChristed Souls either rebelled with Lucifer during the Luciferion Rebellion or were created by Lucifer in his image as one of the various unChristed Alien Races in human form.

unChristed Souls who originally rebelled with Lucifer are now referred to as Redeemed Souls and are being given the opportunity to “redeem themselves” and “choose” to Return to the Christ Vibration during this lifetime. This lifetime for them will determine whether they can continue their “Redemption Path” through re-incarnation or whether they will fail and join the other Recycled Souls at the end of this Lifetime.

unChristed Souls who were created by Lucifer are now referred to as Recycled Souls and will cease to exist as individual soul consciousness when they die in this lifetime never to re-incarnate again.  

What They Share?

Although the evolution of each soul type is different, what they share, while on the Earth and inside the MATRIX, is an unChristed MATRIX body as well as unChristed lower bodies which were given at birth by the MATRIX Controllers and contain the unChristed DNA of its unChristed creators. It is this unChristed body and associated energy fields that contain the karmic limitations and programming of the MATRIX.

Christed and unChristed souls both suffer from MATRIX Programming and Limitations each according to their karma. The difference is that deep inside of your MATRIX Programing and Limitations, you know “who you serve” and “who you truly are,” Christed or unChristed.  

Although karma is usually defined as spiritual payback of unChristed acts against another, the additional definition here for our purposes, is that karma is the negative energy and history created between Christed and unChristed souls who attempt to interact and instead create karmic relationships.  I am sure you all know from experience, trying to have a harmonious relationship between a Christed and an unChristed Soul is like trying to mix oil and water.

This is why Christed Lightworkers are born to unChristed parents and vice versa and why earth family relationships are so dysfunctional.  The role of the unChristed parents for Christed children is to condition the child to be a good slave in the MATRIX and or the role of unChristed children to Christed parents is to entrap the parents in a karmic relationship with children that will never give them the loving child/parent relationship they long for.  Both Christed and unChristed Souls are given unChristed bodies programmed with unChristed MATRIX Programming, each according to their karma.  

Remember, when true Christ Vibration Souls first incarnated, they did not have any karma. They did NOT come here to learn lessons as the MATRIX would have you believe.  You came instead as volunteers to hold the Christ Vibration for the Earth and were part of the original 144,000 Lightholders.  You are already Christ Vibration Masters of Light who allowed yourselves to be veiled by the MATRIX so that you would be able to dismantle it and return to your Christ Mastery from within when the time was right.  That time is now. The Time of Allowance of Duality has passed and the Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 has begun. 

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