Are unChristed Souls Conscious of Who They Are?

For many years I have asked this question, “How conscious are unChristed Souls of the fact that they are unChristed and serve Lucifer and his MATRIX Agenda rather than Original Mother Father Creator Source?”  When I look at the vast information available on the Internet, it is obvious to me that the majority of the information comes from unChristed Sources and yet  I am always surprised by people’s ignorance of that fact.  Now realizing that the Christed Souls are in the minority of only 1% of the human population, it makes more sense.  This is why it has been an uphill battle to get the true message of Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ to those Christed Souls who need it, much less to the unChristed Souls who are programmed to reject it.  

After what has been revealed to me in recent months, I believe that most people believe themselves to be good people but being a “good person” is subjective.  It is amazing to me how people can justify almost anything and still consider themselves to be “good people.”  As our society changes, values change and as each generation dies off, a whole new generation decides what they believe to be right and wrong and what constitutes a “good person.”

Since MATRIX Programming is both subconscious and unconscious, discerning the truth underneath the lies can seem difficult to some.  The bottom line is, “Do you serve Original Mother Father Creator Source or do you Serve Lucifer in what you do and how you live your life?”  If you don’t know, from the core of your being, that you serve Original Mother Father Creator Source, then you serve Lucifer.  How you serve him may be conscious or unconscious but you serve him just the same.  And, if you are a soul created by Lucifer, you are likely to NOT know because you don’t know any different.  For whatever it is that you know, it is normal for you and you are even less likely to care as Lucifer’s Children are recognized first by their “arrogant and entitled attitude and belief that they are equal to God.” By the way, all Alien Groups were created by Lucifer and are therefore Children of Lucifer.  So if you are proudly flying your “Alien Flag” and claim an Alien heritage, then you are a Child of Lucifer.

As I have said many times before, Ashtar and the true Ashtar Command is made up of Christed Humans from the Christed Realms. We are NOT Aliens!  If you are anything other than a Christed Human than you are a"Fallen Angel," Rebellious Angel underneath your Alien MATRIX Programming and are therefore a Rebellious Soul or you are an Alien Soul and are by definition a Child Creation of Lucifer.

Rebellious Souls tend to be “rebellious” by nature and may know that they “screwed up” along the way or may sense that they must have done something terribly wrong to deserve the problems in their lives.  Just take a look at Hollywood Celebrities.  With all their money and fame, they suffer from failed marriages, addictions and the worst types of human failings. Even when these failings are revealed, most people would still trade lives with them, if they could, which doesn’t say much for most people’s values.

There is a 3rd type of soul which is just now being shown to me which includes  various types of Hybrid Souls.  All of these Hybrid Souls were created by Lucifer and are therefore also Children of Lucifer. These soul types include various types of Alien Hybrids and Machine Human Hybrids or Cyborgs.  For this, all you have to do is look on the internet and see all the Terminator Cyborg type movies and sci-fi and fantasy computer games.  There is much more truth in all of this fiction than you think.  Where do you think all this information comes from?  Reality is truly just a reflection of spiritual reality. Everything is “channeled” on to the Earth Plane from these other dimensions.  

There are even Christed - unChristed Hybrids which are literally a soul braiding between Christed Souls, which were captured by Lucifer and an unChristed Soul which causes the proverbial angel on one shoulder and devil on the other shoulder.  Although these souls did not voluntarily join Lucifer, they are actually “prisoners of war” who still serve Lucifer and are under his control. This may present with a schizophrenic  Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde personality and a person who thinks they are doing good in the world but are actually agents of Lucifer.  In reality, this person is actually more dangerous than others because they use good works to cover up their need to steal other people’s energies. They are compelled to recruit other people into their “good cause” which is then used by Lucifer and his MATRIX agenda.  

This is just a small sampling of what I know and continues to be revealed to me as of 2014.  The bottom line is that I have found most unChristed Souls to be “tortured souls” who may seek answers but rarely find them. Instead they go to unChristed Healers, who themselves may be unaware of who they are. They may appear to help people initially but actually entrap them that much deeper into the MATRIX and its controls.  

People believe the “fantasies” that unChristed Teachers spread on the Internet.  The Internet has made it so easy to spread the MATRIX Lies and, of course, if it is also FREE… then it must be true because the Dark Forces are behind the LIE that "spiritual truth should be Free."  Dont fall into this trap! Truth and money and value are independent of each other. Discern FREE information for truth and value just as you would information and services you pay for.  Remember that the Internet gives a voice to anyone who can put up a website.  This is an extension of how people believe anything they see in print.  Now people believe anything they read on the Internet.  Don’t trust your consciousness to just anyone as you are gambling with your very soul.

My information may not be the most popular but I will continue to publish it for as long as I am guided to do so.  I can discern these souls and have always had this ability, but I find it difficult to reveal this knowledge to them as until now I have had only a partial solution for them. The other issue of course is that although people say they want the truth, when they are presented with it, the MATRIX blocks their ability to recognize it and they are therefore unwilling to accept what I may tell them.  As a result, I have withheld offering soul readings as a stand-alone service and instead let the Star Team Energies reveal this information to those connected to it over time.  This is and can be the best way to receive this information as it will not be revealed to you until you are ready.  As of 2014 and going forward, the Collective Christ is making it easier and easier for the unChristed Souls to become Redeemed Souls and for their healing to be easier than before. 

For more information about your options as a Redeemed Soul, go to First Time Caller Consultation and schedule your appointment with Alexandriah Stahr.

I have always found that unChristed Souls would reach a point where they could go no further and would ultimately drop out of the program.  What I realize now is that they would come up against the closed door of Heaven, which would not allow them to proceed until after this Doorway to Heaven was re-opened in 2013. Everyone must acknowledge and accept who you truly are before you can move forward.  For those who cannot make this change in this lifetime, you will make it on the Redemption Colonies in the next life as only Christed Souls will be able to re-incarnate on the Earth.

If you want the truth, I would suggest that you ask Sananda for the “Truth beyond your own belief systems” and it will be revealed to you.  Call upon Lord Sananda for help and he will guide you.  

The first false belief and the “bottom line” that unChristed Souls need to release is “We are All One.”  This is one of the first MATRIX Lies.  It is in fact the “MATRIX Mantra.”  I can hear it when I talk to people and as they tell me about their history and their beliefs this is always the bottom line.  It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to and 1½ hours of conversation but it always shows up.  

MATRIX Lie #1 is The false belief that God created everything, both good and evil, and that All of Creation is one big happy family, which could not be further from the truth.  Yes Original Mother/Father Creator Source Created Original Creation in the Christ Vibration.  Yes, Lucifer was created by Original Mother/Father Creator Source and was just 1 of 12 Luciferion Angels of the Order of Lucifer BUT, it was Lucifer’s rebellion from the Divine Plan that created Duality NOT God.  God never intended this.  Duality was Plan B not Plan A.  It was never part of the Original Divine Plan. It was simply an adaptation to accommodate the Luciferion Rebellion, which allowed God to extend mercy to the Rebellious Souls when they would ultimately be called back to rejoin with the Original Divine Plan as is now playing itself out.  But you cannot go back unless and until you recognize who you are, a Rebellious Soul and acknowledge that fact first before you will be allowed to return to your place within the Divine Plan.

The Original Divine Plan only included endless creation in the Christ Vibration, which would mean only positive and beneficial ways.   No, God did NOT create Duality as a way to know itself.  And NO, the Light does not need Darkness so that it knows it is Light.  These are ridiculous ideas propagated by Lucifer and his MATRIX Programming to justify their way of doing things.  Lucifer created duality when he rebelled and sold a “false bill of goods” to the “Rebellious Souls” who went with him because Lucifer offered them what seemed, to them, to be a “better deal.”  They were told that they could become “gods of their own planets and worlds” and be worshipped the same as God”.   Apparently when some Rebellious Souls realized that Lucifer lied to them and tried to go back, they were stopped by the “Closed Door to Heaven” and were doomed to play out their role in Duality until now, the end of the “Time of Allowance” and passage through the 2012 and 2013 Star Gates.  That brings us to today 2014 which is the year when Lucifer’s Children will be revealed and allowed to go through the 2012 and 2013 Star Gates.   Acknowledgement and acceptance of what you truly are is the first step to releasing the past and moving forward into the Christed Future that awaits all who choose it.

For more information about your options as a Redeemed Soul, go to First Time Caller Consultation and schedule your appointment with Alexandriah Stahr.