2012 Message and Redemption Prayer by Lord Sananda

Channeled by August Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple of Living Light

Greetings I am Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth and who has been known to you as Jesus the Christ in my Earth Incarnation 2000 years ago.  It is time for me to speak directly of Redemption for those souls who seek it.  Over the last 20 years as the time of completion has neared, your Internet communications have filled with so much chaos and misinformation that it has been difficult for sincere souls to discern the truth.  I offer a simple solution in the prayer that follows.  Pray this prayer repeatedly with sincerity in your hearts and I will help you with this transition.  I come with the Collective Christ, all those souls who have always been loyal to Original Mother/Father Creator Source, in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Return of the Christ to the Earth to lead the way back to the Christ and the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.  

I AM Sananda, the Christ Teacher of the Collective Christ.

Lord Sananda Picture

2012 Redemption Prayer by Lord Sananda 

"I now call forth to Lord Sananda and his Redemption Angels to come forward to assist me with this process.

Dear Original Mother/Father Creator Source, God of the Collective Christ and All of Creation.  I come before you now with a sincere desire to know you and to be One with you once again. I renounce the “false gods of duality” and any and all allegiance I may have to them.  I ask that my soul be judged and redeemed according to your Divine Plan for the Earth and all humanity in 2012.  I ask for forgiveness and release of all that is not worthy in your eyes.  I wish to be born again in your Love and Light and in your image, into the highest Light that is available to me now by Divine Law and according to your Divine Plan for 2012.  Show me what I need to see, know and understand to be redeemed for the next cycle of Christed Reality beyond 2012.  I ask this now in the Name of the Christ, in the Name of my I AM that I AM and the Name of Mother/Father Creator Source and so it is, thank you God."        

(c) 2009 Rev. August Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple of Living LIght