11.11.11 The False Ascension Path

11.8.11 Ashtar: Say NO to 11.11.11

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar: Say NO to 11.11.11 

The MATRIXES controlling the old 11:11 Timeline and the 11.11.11 Event Timeline has been dismantled.  This information is false and was designed to mislead those who participate.  The Christed Divine Plan of Original Mother Father Creator Source continues to unfold and is simply the end of the cycle known as the “Time of Allowance.”  The Time of Allowance refers to “Duality” and the opposition to the Divine Plan by Lucifer and his followers.  All that was designed by and is/was controlled by Lucifer must fall away.  All false timelines leading up to and beyond 2012 will not be allowed to continue.  They will come and pass without the energy to support it as their MATRIXES have been and are being dismantled.  Only that which supports the Christ Vibration shall endure.  

How shall you prepare for the true 2012?  Prepare within!  Choose the Path of the Christ Vibration.  Choose to be in alignment with the Christed Divine Plan always through your repeated intention and desire.  This will cause all that is not in alignment with the Christ to come up for recognition and release, denying it the energy to survive.  Any path that does not promote the Christ Vibration is a false path and will only serve to mislead you.  

Choose daily to Return to the Christ and be Divinely Guided by the Christ in your quest to always be in alignment with the Christed Divine Plan of Original Mother Father Creator Source.  In the years to come, develop your ability to sense and discern the energies behind the appearance of people, places and situations.  If it does not vibrate to the Christ Vibration then withdraw your attention and support as it is not meant to be and will not continue for long.  

The years beyond your calendar year 2012 will be years of even more accelerated transformation as the old falls away quite suddenly and more positive and beneficial replacements appear.  Become observant and you will be shown the way of both your participation and contribution.  Your spiritual gifts will continue to blossom and lead the way.  

We of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command at the direction of Lord Sananda will continue to rebuild the energetic infra-structure for the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Timeline.  It is your job to do what is needed to clear your old programming and to stay aligned with the unfolding of the Divine Plan according to your soul identity and destiny.

End Transmission as received on 11.8.11

Command Ashtar of the Solar Star Command