What is Purpose of Planetary Earth Council?

Planetary Earth Council – Our Purpose

The following transmission through Alexandriah Stahr is The Planetary Earth Council Elders explaining the purpose of their Planetary Earth Council.

Greetings, we come again to answer the question, What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to reveal Planetary Updates, in the moment as they occur, so that those who hear our words will recognize the signs we describe and recognize the truth of what we reveal as an ongoing learning process and to distinguish our words from those who would rehash old information because they don’t have access to the truth.  Although you have passed through the 2012 Portal/Star Gate, the dying off process of the dark forces and those who would promote their false teachings, healing energies and modalities will continue for some time and appear as a natural process.  

Our first lesson is in Christed Discernment, recognizing that all the dark forces have to do is steal the truth and distort it.  They are not creators, they are "copiers."  When everyone is repeating and rehashing the same old beliefs, it is time to look elsewhere.  

August - Alexandriah Stahr has always brought through new information and healing technologies that are way ahead of their time. Although many have tried to copy her work, they cannot succeed, as copiers can never keep up with creators.  In addition, although words may look the same, it is in the energy behind the words where the truth lies.  Keep in mind when you discern the path you will follow.  

Just because a teaching, healing energy or modality may be popular does not make it of the Christ Vibration. Much of the spiritual information that has come through in recent years is just not coming from Christed Sources but from the many alien sources that have populated and controlled humanity through the MATRIX for millions of years.  Any spiritual teaching, healing energy or modality that comes from an alien source is unChristed and should not be trusted as it will contain false information, unChristed energies and/or unChristed Modalities.  It must be discerned through a Christed Eye and cleared with the Christ Vibration to reveal how you have been influenced though it.

How will you know? Implant Removal is the first step and then continued clearing through Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing.  The more you clear, the more your discernment grows. Each level of Implant/MATRIX Control that is removed removes a glass ceiling that allows you to see what was once hidden beneath its control.  Just as you cannot know the knowledge you will learn prior to taking a class, you cannot know what you will know prior to having an Implant/MATRIX removed.

We are here and will continue to bring you information in the months ahead. We welcome this opportunity to reveal new truths to you.

End Transmission as received on 3.6.13

We are the Elders of the Planetary Earth Council