Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command

Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery, now known as Star-Essence Temple of Living Light, is the Earth based representative for the Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command on the inner planes. The Star-Esseenia Division is the research and development division for healing and ascension technologies and Freedom From the MATRIX Star Teams for the entire Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command. Its members, both those in spirit and those in embodiment are all master level healers.

Commander August-Alexandriah Stahr, daughter of Ashtar and Athena, is the Quadrant Commander for the Star-Esseenia Division and works closely with the four other divisions serving under Commander Ashtar. These divisions include: Ashtar's main mother ship with Lady Athena and Home to Lord Sananda.  Its members are unique in their varied talents. The Korton Division, its members are master healers through the arts and communication.  The Soltek Division, its member are spiritual scientists who also work with the planetary grids.  The Akeneriel Division, its members represent resources and Christed business practices.

Those who resonate with Star-Esseenia Temple, now known as Star-Essence Temple of Living Light, and its energies, are most likely to be part of the collective soul group that has elected to stay upon the Earth now and throughout the Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 Timeline. When the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Shift is complete, Commander Ashtar will go onto other missions and will leave Commander Alexandriah Stahr and the Solar Star Command in its place with personnel from each of the other three divisions to continue with the rebuilding of the 13.13.13. Solar New Earth Reality. The call now goes forth to those Souls of Light who are the true Family of Light and have been waiting for the call to awaken and come forth to fill your leadership positions.