True Ashtar Command

Who is the True Ashtar Command?

The True Ashtar Command is a distinction from imposters who claim to be representing the Ashtar Command

Alexandriah Stahr is the Voice of The True Ashtar Command now known as the Solar Star Command. This name change and title, Voice of the Solar Star Command, was given to Alexandriah Stahr in 2009 

Names represent vibrations.  As Alexandriah Stahr's work has evolved so too has Alexandirah's understanding of the Planetary Ascension Process and her role in it. New names were needed to reflect these changes.

As of 2009 the following name changes were given to Alexandriah to reflect the new vibrations and evolving nature of her Work. 

August Stahr now known as Alexandriah Stahr or August-Alexandriah Stahr. 

Ashtar Command now known as the Solar Star Command. You will see it sometimes referred to as the Ashtar  Command - Solar Star Command or Ashtar Solar Star Command on my websites so that people who are looking for true Ashtar Command information can still find me. It's a Google thing.  

The domain name, now forwards to  

Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery is now known as Star-Essence Temple of Living Light.

 I say true Ashtar Command as there are many who would imposter Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command and make our work here a joke.  Christed Discernment is needed to discern the Christ Vibration behind these words and recognize that the true Ashtar Command is NOT an alien flying saucer club, which just anyone can join.  The true Ashtar Command now known as the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command, is made up of original Adam Kadmon Christed Humans referred to as E.Ts from the Christed Realms, NOT aliens.  The terms E.T.s and Aliens is NOT interchangeable. The true Ashtar Command does not now nor ever have any alien groups among its members.  The word "Alien," by definition, means, “belonging to a foreign country, nation or planet”  The true Ashtar Command, although existing in the Christed Realms are still human, i.e. the original humans created by Mother Father Creator Source in Their image.

The true Ashtar Command is here on mission, surrounding the Earth in the Christed Realms and in physical embodiment, to assist its members in raising and maintaining the Christ Vibration on the Earth in spite of its being controlled and limited by Lucifer’s MATRIX System. The MATRIX  is the system which created Duality throughout All of Creation and which controls the hearts and minds of men since the beginning of human life here on Earth.  

This mission of lifting vibrations and raising consciousness on the Earth looks like “accelerated evolution” of humanity and is commonly referred to as the Planetary Ascension.  The last 20+ years of this Planetary Ascension Process focused on the date 2012.  Although this date was a focal point for the spiritual awakening of millions of souls, the true significance of 2012 is just now being revealed.  It is and was the “End of the Time of Allowance” where God no longer allows Lucifer to control the Earth through his unChristed MATRIX System.  This is now allowing for the "Redemption" of unChristed Souls and beginning of Freeing All Humanity by 2045.  

The Time of Allowance is now over and the next phase of the mission of the true Ashtar Command is focused on dismantling the MATRIX and freeing the hearts and minds of humanity from Lucifer’s unChristed ways of being.  This requires spiritual healing technology released over an extended period of time to change the consciousness of humanity starting first with the true Ashtar Command and its members and other Christed Light Workers and now, since 2012, to free the unChristed Souls within humanity as well.  This next phase will continue until 2045 when we will be done with dismantling the Planetary MATRIX and freeing the consciousness of all humanity.  We can then  rebuild the Earth with the Christ Vibration as its guiding principal as directed by Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth.