Lord Sananda - Christ Teacher for the Earth

Lord Sananda, as Head of the Collective Christ and Christ Teacher for the Earth, is ever present in the Christed Realms. He comes forth again to return his "Teachings of the Living Christ" to the Earth through his current messenger, Alexandriah Stahr. These teachings are about how to develop a relationship with Lord Sananda as your personal guide and mentor and how to be a Christed Being of Light on the Earth in human form.  He returns to lead the way beyond 2012 into the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.  Lord Sananda is the Cosmic Name for the one we know as Jesus Christ who came to the Earth 2000 years ago to bring his message of the Power of Love to all of humanity. The name Sananda was given to Sister Thedra to give to the world originally back in 1961 when he also allowed a picture of his appearance to be taken which is shown below.

Lord Sananda Picture taken by Sister Thedra

Updated 2016 By Rev. Alexandriah Stahr

Lord Sananda is the Eternal Divine Son of Original Mother Father Creator Source appointed to bring “Christ Consciousness” or Sonship” to the Children of God here on Earth. Known as Jesus the Christ during his mission 2000 years ago, He is known as Lord Sananda Kumara in the Higher Dimensions and those of the Ashtar Command. He is ever present to those who invite Him into their lives. He resides on Ashtar’s main Starship giving Ashtar the spiritual guidance to fulfill the Divine Plan. The name Sananda Kumara is the name of His Higher Self just as we have Higher Self names. Lord Sananda is the Christ Teacher for this Son Universe and Planet Earth and is the Head of the Collective Christ which consists of The Ashtar Command, The Galactic Command, The Intergalactic Command, now known collectively as the Solar Star Command. In addition, all Christed Angels of Light, all Christed Councils of Light and all Christed Beings of Light who serve Original Mother Father Creator Source and who have always been loyal to Original Mother Father Creator Source. This then also includes all Christed souls within Humanity which have always been loyal to Original Mother Father God and who will embody Original Mother Father God's Program of Redemption to the Earth.  Lord Sananda's goal is to manifest the Divine Plan of Original Mother Father God to Free Humanity From the MATRIX by 2045.