Introduction to the Planetary Earth Council

The following is a transmission through Alexandriah Stahr as an introduction to the Planetary Earth Council by the Planetary Earth Council Elders. 

The Planetary Earth Council is made up of original 144,000 Souls of Light from Venus who came to the Earth to act as Christed Lightholders for the Earth.

 Greetings we are the Planetary Earth Council Elders come here today to speak as the Collective known as the Planetary Earth Council. We are made up of the original 144,000 Souls of Light who act as Lightholders for the Earth and who came to support Earth in her Planetary Ascension. Also included are all Christed Souls who have come and yet remain in embodiment.  Of course, Lord Sananda as the Planetary Christ Teacher is our leader.  The Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command is the tactical arm of the Planetary Earth Council.  You/they implement the decisions we make as to the direction of the Planetary Cleansing Process we call Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 and Return to the Christ Vibration here on Earth. 

We oversee this process and you, as daughter of Ashtar and his 2nd in command and destined replacement when the time comes, oversee the Freedom From the MATRIX Star Team Program.  This is and always has been your mission and destiny.  Now that the Earth has passed through the 2012 Portal, your MATRIX Clearing Program can begin in earnest.  

You along with your Star Teams are currently accelerating and streamlining the personal process so that more souls will be attracted to doing this work.  Although the Planetary MATRIX Clearing will continue until 2045, when all of humanity will finally be freed, your Star Team Program is designed to free the Christed Souls on the Earth at a much more accelerated pace.   The Christed Souls need this program so that they can be free from the MATRIX and bring through true Christed Teachings, Healing Energies and Modalities as unChristed ones fall away.  As the unChristed Souls die off and are not allowed to re-incarnate, Christed Souls who are free from the MATRIX will be there to replace them.  This will look like accelerated evolution but will be known by those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” our messages.

We know that you have expressed concern as to how few souls are dedicated enough to go through the process but all is in Divine Right Timing.  Also, set your mind at rest.  Just as you have been told before, no one else holds the keys to Freedom From the MATRIX Program, and, you will not pass on until your mission is complete.

The Freedom From the MATRIX Program is a 1 time pass through for humanity and will not be needed once it is complete.  We could not risk this program being distorted by misguided souls who do not understand the purpose of this program.  We know that you can be trusted with this sacred task. Do not be dissuaded by those who question how you carry out this task.

This message will be sent out so that all souls who are currently in the Star Team Program or those who will come in the future will know this as truth and the way it must be.  Other programs are in development for you to teach to others.  The first of these programs will be the Christed Channeling and Discernment Program, which is the foundation for all who will be trained by you.  They will need this training to both verify what they are taught and to clear the pathway for new Christed Teachings, Healing Energies and Modalities. These Christed Teachings, Healing Energies and Modalities will be needed in the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality as it unfolds in the years to come.  

We will continue to bring forth Planetary Updates for your newsletter and validate your programs as they come through.  Keep up the good work.  We will continue to guide and over light your work.

End Transmission as received on 3.5.13

We are the Earth Elders of the Planetary Earth Council