Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda

The following text comes from the original book “Ashtar” published in 1985 by Tuella and answers the following questions:

“Who is Ashtar, Who is the Ashtar Command and what is their relationship with Jesus Christ, known to those in the Ashtar Command as Lord Sananda?

“There are many who feel that Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command are the forerunners of the Second Coming of the Christ…no matter how this is understood. Some expect to see Him in the flesh; others believe that the Spirit of Christ will eventually rule the earth, and the spiritually “unfit” (UnChristed) will be eliminated. At any rate, many people feel that our so-called culture is nearing its end and that something is about to happen. A change must come both in world affairs and in religion, whose doctrines were fashioned, not by Jesus, but by medieval priests in order to keep the ignorant in spiritual bondage to the Church.

“The Ancient Wisdom ever remains the same, although Truth may be presented in many forms, and in the course of ages may become covered with the barnacles of superstition.”

“Great Spiritual Intelligences seek suitable channels to convey spiritual truths, and at times of crisis there is always an influx of “messages” from other worlds.”

Continuing with the text from the original book Ashtar by Tuella: Ashtar answers the question,

“What is your relationship to Jesus?” 

Ashtar answered:

“The same as yours. He is a revered and respected great Being of Light proceeding from the government of the Great Central Sun. He is a beloved Teacher throughout this entire universe, known and loved by all. His sacrifices for the Cause of Light are tremendous, above that of any other, and for this planet, He has truly earned His position as World Teacher. However, He is involved with the entire universe and not simply this planet. His prestige is much greater on other worlds, than on this planet, where He has been scorned many times.”

“I have served with Lord Sananda, our Beloved World Teacher, as His assistant and representative through many eons and cultures, particularly upon this planet. When the plans for His Galilean embodiment were finalized, I volunteered my energies to His mission without reservation. The closeness of our relationship has sometimes created confusion between the two by many sincere souls.”

“Our great craft has patrolled this system for many ages before our direct contact and accelerated influence began in the “forties” of your time span. The history of our contact with humanity is recorded, but most do not recognize it, or accept it as such. In every instance, preserved in sacred writings of contact from another dimension of time and space, our presence is heralded. Those who received us, were in most cases, themselves a part of us and the Divine Hierarchy of the Great Central Sun System Authority, or Planetary Guardians, as you might term them today.”

“I was appointed to my task of Galactic Supervision of Extra Terrestrial Fleets on Mission to Earth, and have remained in that service ever since. I am one with the Beloved Commander, “Lord Jesus Sananda” and serve with Him and the Heavenly Host in His Name, and for the benefit of planet Earth and humanity. Our assignment has been long and arduous, but we shall prevail and see the Kingdom of God on Earth. We serve in the interests of Truth, and the Glory of the Radiant One, Mother Father Creator Source, to see God’s Divine Plan fulfilled. That is the mission of my life and all those who serve with me.”

Continuing with the text from the original book Ashtar by Tuella: Lord Sananda answers the question,

 “What is your relationship to Ashtar and the Ashtar Command?” 

Lord Sananda answered:

“These come as My Angels, to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My Barn. For I AM the householder who cometh at the end of the day for an account from His Servants and to give to all men justly in the manner given by them to Me.

“Those who come IN MY Name go from heart to heart, sealing them against that day and marking them for deliverance and safety from all that would destroy.

“So, I shall call unto those who follow ME, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words nor practices. Rather, lift up LOVE unto them and desire for their coming, for THEY ARE THE ANGELS OF THE HARVEST!