Collective Christ Council and the Monthly Star Team:

The following transmission through Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda explains the Collective Christ Council's Role behind the Monthly Star Team 

Greetings  Alexandriah

It is time to break the silence.  The last few months of 2015 and the first few months of 2016 have been particularly challenging for you, Alexandriah, as the shutdown of the higher and lower levels of the MATRIX continue.  We, of the Collective Christ, have been with you every step of the way. We felt that you need not write about all that was going on during this period, so we withdrew, as you were too busy doing the work rather than needing to write about it.

Those who actively participate with you in the Monthly Star Team, are always updated during their monthly phone appointments as well as during their nightly healing sessions with the Star Teams Masters. So, it is mostly to those of you who only read Alexandriah’s newsletters and blog posts that we address in this message. Doing the work on both Planetary and Personal levels is a huge responsibility and we felt the need to conserve Alexandriah’s energies for what was most needed. This period has passed and we will again be giving Alexandriah messages for those who seek them.

We of the Collective Christ Council, support Alexandriah Stahr in everything she does.  She is our chosen channel to Free Humanity and All of Creation from the MATRIX by 2045.  We, represent all Beings of Light who have been and remain loyal to Original Mother/Father Creator Source and are implementing the Christed Divine Plan through her.  As such, although she is the daughter of Commander Ashtar of the Solar Star Command and uses their Star Team Technology to free her clients from the MATRIX, the purpose, intent and effects of the Monthly Star Team Programs are much larger.  The Monthly Star Team Program not only removes your MATRIX Programming, but is meant to ultimately reveal your true “Star Essence.” This Star Essence, when it is fully activated, reveals the talents and abilities of your soul lineage from all levels of reality and includes its many life experiences on Earth as healers, shamans, witches, wizards, spiritual leaders and teachers of all kinds. These selves, as they are revealed, is what helps you become the integrated, many faceted, multi-talented and multi-dimensional being you are meant to be. This part of the Work will become more and more apparent going forward. But remember, your true self cannot be revealed through a MATRIX locked consciousness. MATRIX Clearing always comes first before empowerment.

We of the Collective Christ send through all of our varied Christed Energies through Alexandriah's Star Teams so that no matter what type of being you are or what spiritual path you follow, you can be healed and freed from the MATRIX and its effects no matter what their source.  As we have shut down and collected all that which opposes the Christ Vibration, that which is not of the Christ cannot be sustained and will crumble and fall away.  This work takes strength and commitment to see the truth within yourself and the world around you, even when others do not agree.  Without the Star Teams revealing the way, it is easy to get lost in the illusions of the MATRIX.  Join the Monthly Star Team Program and have a direct experience yourself of the freedom it offers.

End Transmission as received on 4.13.16

I AM Lord Sananda, Head of the Collective Christ Council

We are the Collective Christ Council, speaking to you through Commander Alexandriah Stahr.  We represent all Beings of Light who are loyal to Original Mother/Father Creator Source and will hold steadfast in Freeing Humanity From the MATRIX by 2045 and Returning the Earth to the Christ Vibration.

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