Collective Christ Council

Collective Christ Council membership is made up of all Christed Souls who were created by Original Mother Father Creator Source and have remained loyal throughout all of Creation, through the Rebellion, through Duality and now during the Time of Redemption and through the Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045.

Lord Sananda is the Head of the Collective Christ Council and directs the Divine Plan

Archangel Michael leads the Angelic Legions of Light within the Collective Christ Council

Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command facilitates the dismantling of the MATRIX with the assistance of all within the Collective Christ Council.

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is Commander Ashtar’s daughter and Quadrant Commander of the Star-Esseenia Division, which is the Healing Division of the true Ashtar Command now known as the Solar Star Command.  All healing technologies needed by Commander Alexandriah Stahr for the dismantling of the MATRIX by 2045 is continually revealed and  available to her to complete her mission here on Earth.

Alexandriah Stahr is “the Voice” for all within the Collective Christ Council on Earth and the channel for the Divine Plan to Free Humanity from the MATRIX by 2045.

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