Living Light Energy Attunements activate Healing Energy Rays within you for healing self and others.

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Living Light Energy Attunements are Healing Energy Attunements and Healer Trainings that Alexandriah Stahr offers her clients for healing self and others.

Explanations of the Living Light of EELA  and the other Living Light Energies offered at the Star-Essence Temple are listed below. This list is only an example of what is available. 

The Living Light of EELA is the recommended 1st Living Light Attunement to order. If you have already done the Living Light of EELA then you can order any of the other Energy Attunements listed below. If you are unsure, you can always request a Living Light Attunement directly from Alexandriah Stahr.

If you are ready to order, make sure you put the specific name of the Living Light Energy Attunement from the list below in the space provided.

Living Light of EELA

The Living Light of EELA is a universal healing ray which is sponsored by the Mother Goddess EELA. Mother EELA is Mother Nature. Living Light of EELA is a first aid kit in your hands that you can use for self-healing or healing of others. Activate your healing ability for both in person and absentee healing. Attention Reiki Healers, this is comparative to Reiki III in one attunement and is a more powerful Christed Quantum Frequency. The Living Light of EELA is always the first Healing Energy Attunement that Alexandriah does with her clients. The attunement also includes a Training Manual E-Book.


Metatron-X™ is color healing for the New Age. By a special attunement process performed by Lord Metatron through Commander Alexandriah Stahr, a person is re-connected to the 12 color frequencies within gold light. This is a powerful healing tool for those who resonate with Metatron.

Living Light of the Masters

This is a combination ray that contains 12 of Star-Esseenia Division's most powerful healing rays. This is a professional level healing tool, which works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sananda's Healing Ray

Lord Sananda sponsors this ray, which both opens up and heals through the heart chakra. Once attuned you will be able to sit in a room with a group of people and channel the energy to them through your heart chakra to assist them in opening their own hearts more.

Truth Ray

How would you like to “see through” what people tell you. When the energy is on, people will tell you things that they would not normally tell you thereby revealing their true motivations in their dealings with you. This is an energy that is channeled through your presence and directed by intent rather than a hands-on energy. It is both a practical technique for making life decisions as well as a great spiritual discernment tool.

Violet Flame

Violet Flame is the ray of transmutation, changing negative energy into light. Embody this ray and transform everyone and everything around you. Use this energy for keeping your energy clear and purifying karmic patterns. Direct toward others and situations to change reality

Creation Flame

The Creation Flame is the ultimate energy to burn away the dross of unChristed Frequencies. Use this powerful energy to clear obstacles and karmic patterns and dark forces from your life. This is currently Alexandriah's favorite healing ray. It is used for both creating and uncreating realities.

Creation Waters

Creation Waters act the same as the Creation Flame but use waters to dissolve demonic energies. The Creation Waters are the newest Living Light Energy Attunement for clearing yourself and others and personal homes and other buildings and whole areas that need clearing.