Updated Daily Clearing Macros and Karmic Relationship Macros from Alexandriah Stahr.

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Macros from Alexandriah Stahr

Macros are unique spiritual technologies created by Alexandriah Stahr which enable you to use a shortcut phrase to trigger a specific clearing and/or healing process. Alexandriah creates these Macros to both make it easier for her clients to use them but also to protect the technology from those who are not authorized to use them. In order for the Macros to work, you must be attuned to them by Alexandriah Stahr. As with all of Alexandriah Stahr’s healing work, it goes through ongoing upgrades.

The following Macros are originally included as part of the 2 Week Fast Track. If you become a Quantum MATRIX Healing – Monthly Star Team Member then your Macros are upgraded regularly as part of your membership. Because the 2 Week Fast Track is a very comprehensive healing program, some people need time to integrate and return later and/or do occasional Quantum MATRIX Healing Sessions or occasional E-Sessions. Whatever the reason you are not a regular member, your Macros will become outdated and you will need to re-order new ones. They are usually updated  1 to 2 times a year. If you ever have a question about whether you have the current Macros, simply email Alexandriah and ask her what the current version is. Then you can order the current version here on the website.

Daily Clearing Macros

Daily Clearing Macros are meant to be done daily and/or anytime you feel the need to stay in alignment with the Original Christ Vibration Energies given you during the 2 Week Fast Track.  When you go through the 2 Week Fast Track you will be given the Daily Clearing Macros as part of the 2 Week Fast Track Program. You will be attuned to them by Alexandriah Stahr and taught how to use them. They are then used daily thereafter.

Karmic Relationship Macros

The Karmic Relationship Macros enable you to deal with Karmic Relationships of all types.

We all have Karmic Relationships, first with family and other loved ones and then with other people and relationships in our lives. In addition, you can also have Karmic Relationships with places, products, things, businesses and organizations. Alexandriah teaches all of her clients how to deal with Karmic Relationships of all kinds during the 2 Week Fast Track. Once you learn the technique, you can deal with Karmic Relationships yourself going forward.  This too evolves over time and is upgraded as needed.

When you place your order, you will receive the most recent Daily Clearing Macro and Karmic Relation Macro by email confirmation with a PDF attachment. Alexandriah will attune you to the new macros during your next sleep cycle. This will keep you up to date on the latest upgrades to the macros.  If you don't receive the email within 24 hours, contact Alexandriah, or if you are outside the US, just wait for the email. The e-mail is sent out "manually" by Alexandriah within 24 hours of receiving your order. Know that the website is checked daily for your orders.