Mother Mary
Christ Mother for the Earth

Mother Mary is the Mother of Jesus the Christ, whom we call Lord Sananda, and she continues to act as Christ Mother for the Earth and all Humanity

Mother Mary is the one known as the Mother of  Jesus the Christ on Earth. She was chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus because she was pure. What was really meant by that and the reference to the "Virgin Birth," is that she was born "outside the MATRIX" so that she could give birth to Jesus "born outside the MATRIX" as well. This was important because Jesus was meant to bring his "Teachings of the Living Christ" to Humanity NOT to die on the cross as most Christians believe.  Unfortunately, this higher consciousness made it difficult for people to accept his teachings as they were intended and the Crucifixtion was the result of his efforts, not the purpose of his life on Earth.  History has shown us that Humanity tends to destroy what it does not understand. 

Lord Sananda still lives in the Christed Realms along with Mother Mary and other Members of the Collective Christ. Alexandriah works with Lord Sananda and Mother Mary to facilitate lost souls to new destinations.  

Mother Mary is a healer in her own right and is considered to be the Queen of the Angels. She works closely with Archangel Raphael and can be called upon for comfort and healing.  Mother Mary and Lord Sananda are particularly helpful when working with children because Mother Mary's energy is soft and motherly.