Archangel Michael
Angelic Higher Self of Commander Ashtar

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the Blue Ray which is the 1st Ray of Decision, Truth, Law and Order. Archangel Michael is the Higher Self of Commander Ashtar and overlights the entire Ashtar Command and its members as upholders of Truth and Divine Law and Order.  Archangel Michael and the Legions of Archangel Michael lead all the Angelic Orders against Lucifer in the Luciferion Rebellion and continue to defeat those who serve Lucifer. 

Archangel Michael and his Angelic Order offers protection to all Christed Souls and is usually the first to show up in a person's life to guide the newly awakened soul on their spiritual path. 

Now during this Time of Freedom From the MATRIX, Archangel Michael collects all keys and controls from those Dark Forces who are brought before the Collective Christ Council before they are recycled. Archangel Michael is a Great Being of LIght and continues to Protect God's Divine Plan and those who honor it.