Anti-Trump Protection Star Team

Anti-Trump Protection Star Team offers energetic protection from Trump Depression and Trump Burn-Out caused by Trump's negative energy. $19.95 Month + $15.00 link up for 1st month only.

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Anti-Trump Protection Star Team - 2017 Special

Trump's Energy is toxic! Trump is the anti-Christ!  His energy affects everyone in the United States and around the world. If you cannot stand to see him on TV or listen to his voice, you know what I am talking about. Trump is the ant-Christ and his energy is the energy of evil and it is a natural instinct to turn away from evil. But we need you, America needs you, the world needs you to continue the resistance until he is ousted from power along with his family, administration and other elected officials along with all of his supporters.

Alexandriah has many stand-alone energetic support Star Teams for various purposes. The Anti-Trump Protection Star Team protects you from channeling the anger and hate that he spews even if it is re-directed back at him.  The Anti-Trump Protection Star Team protects you from Trump Burn Out.   It allows you to keep you from getting depressed when you see what Trump is doing to America.  It allows you to disengage whenever you need to rest and recharge but not just quit, as none of us can give up the resistance against the evil that Trump is until he is executed for Treason and High Crimes against America and Crimes against Humanity.

This initial link up is a special discounted price of only $19.95 month. This discounted price will be offered from September to December 2017 and if you join today, you will become one of the founding members which will lock in your monthly Star Team Membership donation for as long as your remain a member of the Anti-Trump Protection Star Team Program.

Normally most of Alexandriah’s Specialty Star Teams start at $59.00 a month.   Whether or not $19.95 will be a permanent price will be determined in 2018. Those that join during this initial offering will keep this price for as long as they remain a member in good standing.  If there is a price increase, it will only affect new members. 

Once you prepay for your Anti-Trump Protection Star Team Membership, you will receive email confirmation and further instructions.  

This link will link you up for the first 30 days only. After you have signed up, you will receive an email from Alexandriah giving you different  recurring billing options to continue.  PayPal and MC/Visa for International Clients.  ACH electronic checks are available for US Clients only.