Overview and Menu of Services in Services Storewith Alexandriah Stahr

Alexandriah Stahr has over 30 years of experience with Ashtar Command Spiritual Consultations and Quantum MATRIX Healing Sessions by phone.

The First Time Caller Consultation is the 1st Step to start with Alexandriah Stahr so that you can get your questions answered. Print out the following Menu of Services List with Alexandriah Stahr so that she can guide you as to what is right for you at this time.  This list can also assist you when doing follow-up work with Alexandriah Stahr. The following Menu of Services with Alexandriah Stahr is an active menu that will link you directly to the Services Store so that you can pre-pay and order any of the services below.

Services Store – Menu

  1. First Time Caller Consultation
  2. Healing Sessions
  3. E-Sessions
  4. Readings & Consultations
  5. Books by Alexandriah Stahr

First Time Caller Consultation – This is the 1st Step                                                                    $79.00

Healing Sessions

  1. 2 Week Fast Track                                                                                                                             $420.00
  2. Quantum MATRIX Healing Phone Sessions                                                                                  $210.00
  3. Spiritual Consultations and Healings                                                                                             $160.00
  4. Daily Clearing Macros                                                                                                                         $79.00  


  1. Internet E-Session: All Inclusive Quantum MATRIX Healing –QFS                                               $79.00  
  2. Internet E-Session: Current Month/YearQuantum MATRIX Healing – QFS                             $160.00

Readings and Consultations

  1. Specialized Spiritual Readings and Consultations                                                                        $125.00
  2. Mini Spiritual Readings                                                                                                                       $65.00
  3. Inner Shaman Healer Activation                                                                                                      $265.00

Books by Alexandriah Stahr  (Includes U.S. Shipping)

  1. Implants and Imprints: A Healer's View of Ascension Healing                                                      $30.00
  2. Ashtar and Sananda: Updated Messages and Prayers for 2012                                                   $45.00  
  3. Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates Volume One                                                                     $30.00 
  4. Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates Volume Two                                                                     $30.00
  5. Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates Volume Three                                                                  $30.00